In this post you will find the best pages to download Free MP3 and MP4 Music. Although there are already platforms where you can listen to music online, many people still prefer mp3 downloads or YouTube to mp3 converters. If you want to listen to instreming music I recommend Spotify or Itunes. But if you are interested in downloading free music in an easy and simple way… This is your SITE!

Download free mp3 musicDo you know the best websites to download music from Youtube and MP3 for free?

Many times we want to download our favorite mp3 music, but we don’t know where. We enter websites that have broken links, outdated and poor quality music, or simply do not work well. That’s why I have made this PREMIUM compilation of the best websites that are still available. With all the music you like. In the list I will include both online platforms where you can download free mp3 music. YouTube to mp3 converters. Music download software.

These platforms are free music downloads. So if you’re looking to listen online, you’d better go as I said at the beginning of the post to Spotify or Itunes.

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If you want to add a platform or simply comment your opinion about the list you can leave it to me in comments. I’ll get back to you the same day. As it is an updated list, it is likely that you will be adding and removing platforms. As and when I find some of the best quality, I will add more.

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Download Free MP3 and Youtube Music

Download Free MP3 MP4 MusicWhat are MP3 Music Downloads?

The mp3 download format is a type of audio compression, usually digital. It works with a loss algorithm, which reduces the weight of the file, making it easier to store. This type of mp3 audio format is very common for saving music on players, or laptops. An MP3 file takes up ten times less space than a traditional file or a regular CD. You can imagine how this revolutionized the music industry. So much so that today 80% fewer records are sold than 10 years ago.

To date, none of the alternatives presented by the industry, not even portals such as Spotify or Itunes, have managed to undermine the popularity of the MP3 format. That in order to validate patents, it can already be used without restriction in all areas. Believe it or not, downloading mp3 music is easier than it looks.

How do MP3 Music Downloads work?

It’s very simple. On the platforms to download mp3 music that I will show you below is as easy as putting the name of the song you like. If you are in the list on the web, click on the audio and download it. There is no risk as they are proven websites, with which no virus will enter you. It is important that the songs you download are free of rights, otherwise it could cause you legal problems.

The second option is to download music in mp3 from Youtube, I also give you in the list the best alternatives on the internet if you want to have a song in MP3 format from a youtube channel. Just pick up the url of the video you like, put it in the search engine, and you’re ready, you have your MP3 song GO FOR IT!

Download Free MP3 MusicList with the Best Pages to Download FREE MP3 Music

We started with the best collection of websites where you can download free music from the Internet. Here you can find the applications that best fit your needs and start downloading music. Please note that I recommend that you choose royalty-free songs so that you don’t have any legal problems. All these platforms can be put to good or bad use, it depends on each person:

Download Free MP3 Music OnlineAres

As many of you know, Ares is the most popular P2P program in the world. When the boom in music downloads started back in 2000, everyone had the ares installed on their PC. The good and the bad about this application is that it is the people who have the program that share their music with other users. The bad part about this is that some people on the net are just looking for a hunchback and sometimes they put viruses and Trojans through their songs, so I recommend having a good anti virus on your PC before using it. The good part is that sharing across the bandwidth makes sending speed faster and more efficient.

download free MP3 MP4 music

download mp3 FREE mp3

The formerly called Edonkey, is another classic of free mp3 music download platforms. It consumes virtually no resources, so the download is fast and relatively safe. Emule improves with each passing year, because you can collaborate on the platform, as it is open source. Programmers from all over the world work together on a daily basis. You can imagine what it means: A constant improvement.

download and download free mp3 music

Download MP3 Music MP4 FreePeggo

The good thing, and the thing that sets Peggo apart from other music download platforms are two things: One, which works with the youtube url, you choose the video of the song you like, you paste it into the platform and immediately download the song in mp3. The second is that it also works with Soundcloud. It’s the same procedure. You need the link and as with youtube when you paste it you will be downloaded. Another positive thing is that it has an app and you can use it to download from your Android. For me it is an option to consider, as it is super easy to use and very practical.

Download Free MP3 MP4 Music

Download MP3 Music MP4 Free OnlineClipConverter

It is a classic multimedia content converter. It allows you to use any web, video or audio to download all the formats you can imagine. It currently supports YouTube[720p, 1080p, 4K] and Vimeo. It’s free and lets you watch your favorite videos and songs from your mobile phone, tablet or computer anywhere. Its operation is similar to those mentioned above, you paste the url in the search engine, and download it in the format you prefer.

¿where to download free mp3 music?

Where to Download MP3 Music MP4 FreeMediaHuman

If you are more than installing a software on your computer (it is more secure), I recommend this one: Mediahuman is the best. With this program you will do the same as with the websites mentioned above, but you will not need a constant internet. You download it to your PC or Mac and it does the same job. The developers of this converter have more programs that you can add to your computer and help you edit videos or search for topics you like. This option is very important to consider, since as I said before it is very safe and you don’t need a good download connection.

¿Where to Download Free MP3 MP4 Music?

Download MP3 Music MP4 FreeMusicaMp3

MusicaMP3 is another popular platform for downloading free mp3 music. Here you can download free music of all types. This time you just have to find the song you like best and download it. It has a search engine to put the name of the artist or the track itself. Click and download and it’s that simple and it’s that easy. You don’t need any url or anything.


YOUTUBE TO MP3 CONVERTER Flvto Youtube Converter

This youtube to MP3 video converter will allow you to easily download mp3 music without having great computer knowledge. As in the other platforms you put the url of the Youtube video you want to convert, you choose the format you want to save the audio in and that’s it. The formats it has are mp3, mp4, mp4 HD, AVI and AVI HD.


Converter Download YouTube to mp3 Converter 2Conv Youtube Converter

With this famous YouTube to mp3 converter you can download and download free mp3 music easily and quickly too. It has the same features as the previous ones. Its interface is very simple, so it is a good choice for use if you do not have much experience.

All the platforms listed are good, so it is difficult to choose one. No doubt 2Conv is an option that has to be in the list, then it’s up to you which one to use.

Download YouTube to mp3 Converter for free

Download Free MP3 MP4 Music FreeGoear

This site was accessed by the police in 2016 but is still operational today and has updated music. As I said at the beginning of the Post, I recommend downloading mp3 music legally. So you have to make sure that the music you download has to be royalty-free. This way you won’t be committing any infractions. Controversial aside, this digital platform has all the music you can imagine, so I recommend it to everyone.

Download Free MP3 MP4 Music

Free YouTube to mp3 Music Converter FreeOffliberty

The latest platform on the list is a Youtube to MP3 Converter. Like the others it is simple to use and very intuitive. The interface is nice and you can handle it with ease. It does not contribute more than those mentioned above, but also not less, so it is an option to be taken into account. With all these websites to download free mp3 music it has never been so easy to enjoy. I hope you like them and take advantage of them.

Free YouTube to mp3 Music Converter

download free mp3 music without
I’ve been encouraged to add this Extra as it’s a mythical free mp3 music download. He has been supplying music in Spain for years and had to be there yes or yes. Why I didn’t add it at first, you can imagine… in fact, it was closed. But he has returned with the same desire as always, and the best part: Updated! Enjoy them, boys and girls.

Free Youtube mp3 music

Free Youtube mp3 Converter Free MusicInfo With Best Pages To Download Free MP3 Music

If you want to share it in your Social Networks, or with your friends, I leave you the Infographics. This way you can inform your followers of the free mp3 music download websites in a different and fun way.

Download Free MP3 Music

Final Conclusion

What I think is that with this List of the Best Pages to Download Free MP3 Music you will have music for a while. Every week I will be updating with new platforms that are coming out to keep you informed. Many times governments close them due to misuse by users, so I recommend using them to download music free of rights, in a completely legal way. If you know any platform that can enrich this content, please leave it to me in comments, this way we all win and collaborate.

I hope this compilation helps you to find the mp3 music you like and you can download it for free. What I always ask is that you do it in a legal, controlled way and as long as the music is royalty-free. Thank you very much for reading me and see you in the following posts.

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