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In this post you will find the best pages to download Free MP3 and MP4 Music. Although there are already platforms where you can listen to music online, many people still prefer mp3 downloads or YouTube to mp3 converters. If you want to listen to instreming music I recommend Spotify or Itunes. But if you are interested in downloading free music in an easy and simple way… This is your SITE!

Download free mp3 musicDo you know the best websites to download music from Youtube and MP3 for free?

Many times we want to download our favorite mp3 music, but we don’t know where. We enter websites that have broken links, outdated and poor quality music, or simply do not work well. That’s why I have made this PREMIUM compilation of the best websites that are still available. With all the music you like. In the list I will include both online platforms where you can download free mp3 music. YouTube to mp3 converters. Music download software.

These platforms are free music downloads. So if you’re looking to listen online, you’d better go as I said at the beginning of the post to Spotify or Itunes.

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If you want to add a platform or simply comment your opinion about the list you can leave it to me in comments. I’ll get back to you the same day. As it is an updated list, it is likely that you will be adding and removing platforms. As and when I find some of the best quality, I will add more.

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Download Free MP3 and Youtube Music

Download Free MP3 MP4 MusicWhat are MP3 Music Downloads?

The mp3 download format is a type of audio compression, usually digital. It works with a loss algorithm, which reduces the weight of the file, making it easier to store. This type of mp3 audio format is very common for saving music on players, or laptops. An MP3 file takes up ten times less space than a traditional file or a regular CD. You can imagine how this revolutionized the music industry. So much so that today 80% fewer records are sold than 10 years ago.

To date, none of the alternatives presented by the industry, not even portals such as Spotify or Itunes, have managed to undermine the popularity of the MP3 format. That in order to validate patents, it can already be used without restriction in all areas. Believe it or not, downloading mp3 music is easier than it looks.

How do MP3 Music Downloads work?

It’s very simple. On the platforms to download mp3 music that I will show you below is as easy as putting the name of the song you like. If you are in the list on the web, click on the audio and download it. There is no risk as they are proven websites, with which no virus will enter you. It is important that the songs you download are free of rights, otherwise it could cause you legal problems.

The second option is to download music in mp3 from Youtube, I also give you in the list the best alternatives on the internet if you want to have a song in MP3 format from a youtube channel. Just pick up the url of the video you like, put it in the search engine, and you’re ready, you have your MP3 song GO FOR IT!

Download Free MP3 MusicList with the Best Pages to Download FREE MP3 Music

We started with the best collection of websites where you can download free music from the Internet. Here you can find the applications that best fit your needs and start downloading music. Please note that I recommend that you choose royalty-free songs so that you don’t have any legal problems. All these platforms can be put to good or bad use, it depends on each person:

Download Free MP3 Music OnlineAres

As many of you know, Ares is the most popular P2P program in the world. When the boom in music downloads started back in 2000, everyone had the ares installed on their PC. The good and the bad about this application is that it is the people who have the program that share their music with other users. The bad part about this is that some people on the net are just looking for a hunchback and sometimes they put viruses and Trojans through their songs, so I recommend having a good anti virus on your PC before using it. The good part is that sharing across the bandwidth makes sending speed faster and more efficient.

download free MP3 MP4 music

download mp3 FREE mp3

The formerly called Edonkey, is another classic of free mp3 music download platforms. It consumes virtually no resources, so the download is fast and relatively safe. Emule improves with each passing year, because you can collaborate on the platform, as it is open source. Programmers from all over the world work together on a daily basis. You can imagine what it means: A constant improvement.

download and download free mp3 music

Download MP3 Music MP4 FreePeggo

The good thing, and the thing that sets Peggo apart from other music download platforms are two things: One, which works with the youtube url, you choose the video of the song you like, you paste it into the platform and immediately download the song in mp3. The second is that it also works with Soundcloud. It’s the same procedure. You need the link and as with youtube when you paste it you will be downloaded. Another positive thing is that it has an app and you can use it to download from your Android. For me it is an option to consider, as it is super easy to use and very practical.

Download Free MP3 MP4 Music

Download MP3 Music MP4 Free OnlineClipConverter

It is a classic multimedia content converter. It allows you to use any web, video or audio to download all the formats you can imagine. It currently supports YouTube[720p, 1080p, 4K] and Vimeo. It’s free and lets you watch your favorite videos and songs from your mobile phone, tablet or computer anywhere. Its operation is similar to those mentioned above, you paste the url in the search engine, and download it in the format you prefer.

¿where to download free mp3 music?

Where to Download MP3 Music MP4 FreeMediaHuman

If you are more than installing a software on your computer (it is more secure), I recommend this one: Mediahuman is the best. With this program you will do the same as with the websites mentioned above, but you will not need a constant internet. You download it to your PC or Mac and it does the same job. The developers of this converter have more programs that you can add to your computer and help you edit videos or search for topics you like. This option is very important to consider, since as I said before it is very safe and you don’t need a good download connection.

¿Where to Download Free MP3 MP4 Music?

Download MP3 Music MP4 FreeMusicaMp3

MusicaMP3 is another popular platform for downloading free mp3 music. Here you can download free music of all types. This time you just have to find the song you like best and download it. It has a search engine to put the name of the artist or the track itself. Click and download and it’s that simple and it’s that easy. You don’t need any url or anything.


YOUTUBE TO MP3 CONVERTER Flvto Youtube Converter

This youtube to MP3 video converter will allow you to easily download mp3 music without having great computer knowledge. As in the other platforms you put the url of the Youtube video you want to convert, you choose the format you want to save the audio in and that’s it. The formats it has are mp3, mp4, mp4 HD, AVI and AVI HD.


Converter Download YouTube to mp3 Converter 2Conv Youtube Converter

With this famous YouTube to mp3 converter you can download and download free mp3 music easily and quickly too. It has the same features as the previous ones. Its interface is very simple, so it is a good choice for use if you do not have much experience.

All the platforms listed are good, so it is difficult to choose one. No doubt 2Conv is an option that has to be in the list, then it’s up to you which one to use.

Download YouTube to mp3 Converter for free

Download Free MP3 MP4 Music FreeGoear

This site was accessed by the police in 2016 but is still operational today and has updated music. As I said at the beginning of the Post, I recommend downloading mp3 music legally. So you have to make sure that the music you download has to be royalty-free. This way you won’t be committing any infractions. Controversial aside, this digital platform has all the music you can imagine, so I recommend it to everyone.

Download Free MP3 MP4 Music

Free YouTube to mp3 Music Converter FreeOffliberty

The latest platform on the list is a Youtube to MP3 Converter. Like the others it is simple to use and very intuitive. The interface is nice and you can handle it with ease. It does not contribute more than those mentioned above, but also not less, so it is an option to be taken into account. With all these websites to download free mp3 music it has never been so easy to enjoy. I hope you like them and take advantage of them.

Free YouTube to mp3 Music Converter

download free mp3 music without
I’ve been encouraged to add this Extra as it’s a mythical free mp3 music download. He has been supplying music in Spain for years and had to be there yes or yes. Why I didn’t add it at first, you can imagine… in fact, it was closed. But he has returned with the same desire as always, and the best part: Updated! Enjoy them, boys and girls.

Free Youtube mp3 music

Free Youtube mp3 Converter Free MusicInfo With Best Pages To Download Free MP3 Music

If you want to share it in your Social Networks, or with your friends, I leave you the Infographics. This way you can inform your followers of the free mp3 music download websites in a different and fun way.

Download Free MP3 Music

Final Conclusion

What I think is that with this List of the Best Pages to Download Free MP3 Music you will have music for a while. Every week I will be updating with new platforms that are coming out to keep you informed. Many times governments close them due to misuse by users, so I recommend using them to download music free of rights, in a completely legal way. If you know any platform that can enrich this content, please leave it to me in comments, this way we all win and collaborate.

I hope this compilation helps you to find the mp3 music you like and you can download it for free. What I always ask is that you do it in a legal, controlled way and as long as the music is royalty-free. Thank you very much for reading me and see you in the following posts.

 What is the SWOT Analysis Matrix and how to do it? Practical Example for Company

first thing you need to know before doing an analysis of the SWOT matrix is: That this will be the ABC that will govern your company. That is why the whole company should know it as the Our Father, the Catholics. Otherwise there is no point in doing so.

This business strategy must have a clear and simple foundation, so that all employees of the company can implement it from the very first minute, speaking clearly, from the very first moment they step into the office.

This matrix is almost as important for an employer as it is for a worker to know how to make a resume.

The SWOT analysis matrix, also known as SWOT or DOFA, comes from the Spanish acronym for the words Weaknesses, Threats, Strengths and Opportunities.

And it is nothing else than to write these points down on paper first, and then transmit them to the workers of your company in a clear and graphic way.

The purpose of this is to capture and identify the company’s strengths and weaknesses. The results of this analysis will allow us to have a clear diagnosis of the current situation of the company, and will help us make decisions based on the marketing strategy that suits us best and that we want to follow.

Always based on the SWOT Analysis matrix.

Table of Contents

How is the SWOT Analysis Matrix of a Company done?

Although it may seem a priori complicated, the reality is that it is an extremely easy task. There are only three fundamental steps to take to start creating your own analysis matrix. The steps consist of:

Internal Analysis | Strengths and Weaknesses of the Company

At this point the company should focus on identifying the strengths and weaknesses that can be positive to differentiate itself from the competition. Many times we believe that either all is right or all is wrong within a company. The truth is that it is not so. In all companies, there is a good and a bad part. Depending on where the balance sheet is tilted, the company will be profitable, or not.

That is why it is just as important to highlight the good things to keep doing them the same or better, as it is to detect the bad things to correct them. These factors need to be taken into account in order to complete our SWOT matrix analysis:

  • The Production. Production capacity, costs, reinvestment and depreciation.
  • Marketing Campaigns. Our product, image improvement, where we want to position ourselves, market share, ROI, advertising, online marketing, etc..
  • Optimize Company. Structure, backbone of the company or horizontal.
  • Motivated workers. Incentives, motivation, realization.
  • Financing. Money to credits, debt restructuring, self-financing with profits, etc.

External Analysis | Threats and Opportunities

In the second part of the SWOT matrix analysis you will have to be able to detect possible threats to your company.

On the other side of the coin you will also have to look at possible niches and opportunities.

To achieve this you will have to take the following factors into account:

  • Market. You have to define the target you are targeting. Size and market segment, evolution of demand, consumer desires.
  • Sector. Try to foresee the trends in your sector, go ahead and be the first to reach them. He who strikes first, strikes twice.
  • Competition. Watch the competition and try to differentiate yourself from it. You can be inspired by what they do well, but always try to give your focus. Make your brand stand out.
  • Environment. Seek to control everything, even your environment. Although this is the most difficult point, since it does not depend on you, but on third parties, great professionals manage to get ahead of people’s movements to succeed. The main factors of this point are: economic, political, legal, sociological, technological, etc.

Define your Strategy | Make the SWOT Matrix

The SWOT or SWOT Matrix will help us to realize our weaknesses and threats, and will give us a clear vision of our strengths and opportunities. It’s up to us to take advantage of it, or not.

To face this dilemma, there are several strategies that I will detail below and allow you to choose the one that best suits your company’s situation.

After you have set your objectives, both short and long term; measured, quantified and real. It’s time to move on to examples that you can implement in your company:

Example of SWOT or SWOT Matrix

Examples of SWOT Analysis Matrix (SWOT) for Companies

Let’s review possible strategies with examples:

1 SWOT Defensive Strategy:

It is when the company fully anticipates the threats and manages to anticipate and protect itself from them. If your product is not the first in your sector, try to have something that is different and characterizes it. If you do this, when there is less market share in your sector, customers will remember you for differentiation.

2 SWOT Offensive Strategy:

The company has to focus on expanding and growing. Most likely customers will detect your strengths, which will make you stand out. Now is the time to promote your services above your competition, highlighting your strengths (Example: 95% of the market prefers our services).

When your product stagnates, look for another new product to repeat the growth curve, and keep the previous product as long as possible on the leverage curve, when it decreases, lower the price, sell it as a promotion, and take out the new product.

3 SWOT Survival Strategy:

This option is optimal when you are faced with external factors, but you do not have the internal capacity to deal with them (economic, capacity, personnel, etc.). Try to get through most of the storm before you move and lose your resources in the first onslaught.

It is time to reduce costs as much as possible and seek self-financing without incurring credits. Once the bad streak is over and you start selling again, it’s time to invest the resources you have left in your project.

4 SWOT Reorientation Strategy:

When opportunities pass before you but for lack of training or information you do not see them coming, and you miss the train. You need to take stock and set goals that you can meet. If it’s because of lack of training, look for courses to learn about the subject you think you could be making money from, but don’t manage perfectly.

Remember that once you do well, many competitors will come out, and you need to be trained to take advantage of any advantage on the field.

What is Personal SWOT Analysis (SWOT)?

The personal SWOT analysis is, as in a company, a strategy that will help you to find your strengths and weaknesses. Personal SWOT analysis is linked to personal self-realization and the well-being of people.

Therefore, you need to apply all of the above to the more emotional (and rational) aspects of your being.

The purpose of SWOT analysis is to get to know yourself personally, and to determine where you want to see yourself in the future (both in the short and long term). By means of the achievement and analysis of the variables indicated above (in the companies). You must set yourself short and long term goals, which you must fulfill until you reach the final goal (self-realization). The study of this subject in recent years has been carried out by coaching professionals (the real ones).

In short, The Personal SWOT Matrix is nothing more than applying all of the above to a person’s personal environments. Both in the short and long term.

This SWOT matrix can really help you to organize your life, detecting your strengths and weaknesses, and emphasizing the negative and positive aspects, which you improve and empower yourself.

What is the SWOT Analysis Matrix and how to do it? Practical Example for Company5 (100%) 44 votesDani ColladaGrowth

Hacker. Flying high with my personal best. Marketing Specialist. Providing Social Media Content and Strategies in the Digital Marketing world.

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51 Strategies Content Marketing?

Maybe if you’re starting in”World 3.0″ you’re wondering….

What is Content Marketing?

The common definition of Content Marketing is a technique that consists of analysing and trying to understand what our target audience wants or needs, in order to offer it to them in a relevant and, above all, more attractive way.

Well, in my opinion, Content Marketing and its Strategies is a revolutionary way of understanding the concept of Marketing.

From the University I had been told again that Conventional Marketing was the one in charge of satisfying the needs of the consumer. But that, even if the user didn’t know it, those needs were already there…

I don’t know about you, but to me, this definition often seemed very confusing, subjective.

Every time I thought about it, the thought of deceiving the customer always fluttered in my head. I couldn’t find that balance between the salesman’s profit and the customer’s profit, at least not from a marketing point of view.

Well, a few years later I got to know Content Marketing and its Strategies.

He made me understand that there is an alternative way for the client to come to you voluntarily.

Without creating any need for him.

No deception.

He comes to you because in the past you helped him in an altruistic way. And now… He needs your services.

And this, my friend, is Content Marketing.

It is nothing more than creating Plans with valuable content, relevant and useful strategies. To help your potential customers with the objective that in the future, if they need a service or product that you offer, they will call you.

The day I met Content and Strategy Marketing, I realized that it was the most sincere way to make Marketing Plans. The way I was looking for in college. The way in which the Client’s Benefit and the Company’s Benefit were fed back.

51 Content Marketing Strategies Plan

Well, after introducing you to Content Marketing, its Strategies, and its reciprocal benefits, now I bring you 51 indispensable points to create your own Plan.

Divided into 5 sections, you can apply them to both your Personal Brand and a company you are working for.

Why am I doing this?

So that you can put into practice everything I learned at the University, as well as in the CM Classroom, in a faster and more efficient way. This way you can decide if the path you want to follow is the same as mine or not. It will not be an easy road, it will require effort on your part, but the satisfaction of a job well done in the end, besides giving its fruits, is worth it.


10 SEO-based Content Marketing Strategies

☀Estrategia 1 Set a goal and Open a Blog on your Page

It is important that your website has a blog in order to be able to successfully carry out Content Marketing strategies. You will be able to write articles that will help people in any subject related to the Page. This way you will get a higher diffusion in the RRSS and position higher in the search engines.

Set some objectives defined in time, this way it will be easier for you to measure your results in the Marketing Plan, once the period is over.

☀Estrategia 2 Try Positioning your articles on Google

What can I do to Position faster and better?

Use and distribute the “Keywords” in the articles. Use images that are not heavy to speed up the page (Optimize them on the tinypng page). Enter the keywords in the “Alternative Text” of each image. Write titles that are interesting and appealing to the user (Using Guides or Enumerations works very well). Make meta-descriptions with keywords and possibly questions that invite you to read on.

☀Estrategia 3 Create your own eye-catching computer graphics

Create your own Tips or Tips images related to the Posts you write and then upload them to Pinterest or Instagram. Computer graphics are always more viral than texts and will make you reach more people. Remember to put the name of your website on the computer graphics you make. This way, every time someone shares your content, they will be promoting your site.

☀Estrategia 4 Look at your Direct Competition

If you don’t know what to write about in your Blog to generate relevant Content (Content Marketing Strategy), you can always take ideas from the competition.

Look at the people you think are doing well. Look at their ideas, keywords, articles, etc and try to make similar themes but improving the content. This way the user will always choose you, since you give them more complete and updated information.

☀Estrategia 5 Produces long articles (More than 2,500 words)

When positioning is very important the time the user spends on your page or article. Google understands that the longer you stay on it, the better content you contribute. The way to make sure that people stay in it for a long time is to create long and interesting entries, because if the content is good it will make people read it to them until the end, thus ensuring a longer stay time.

☀Estrategia 6 Participate in other Blogs as Guest

Getting started with your blog at first can be a pretty complicated task. It will give you the feeling of writing for no one, because if you don’t promote your Publications well, no one will read them.

How can I fix this?

You can collaborate in blogs of people who already have a large number of visits per month and are of a similar theme to yours. Name an entry on your website in the article to make yourself known. This way you will redirect the people who enter your partner’s blog to your own.

☀Estrategia 7 Have your own Image Bank

Be original and do not copy or take images from Google. Everybody gets them out of there and they look very unprofessional. There are pages where you can download snapshots of almost any subject with great resolution and 99% of people do not know. For example: (Pablo by Buffer, Unsplash, Pixabay).

☀Estrategia 8 Performs Linkbuilding in RRSS

Try to get other people to share your HR content. This way they will be taking away the promotional work from you, and giving more exposure and visibility to followers who are not yours at the moment, but maybe if they are in the future if they like the article.

☀Estrategia 9 Build a Community that Supports You

It is very important to some extent to have followers on Social Networks who read your Posts. Thanks to their visits will depend, in large part, on whether your articles rank better or worse on Google. Also, through their visits, will be the way you can monetize the site, thanks to advertising by”Affiliates” or”Adsense”.

☀Estrategia 10 Substitute Quality for Quantity

It is better to write long articles twice a month with interesting content for people who are going to read to you than to publish twice a week Posts that nobody reads to you.


10 Strategies of Action in Social Networks

⚡Estrategia 1 Don’t Publish ONLY Your Content

You need to share valuable content from your professional colleagues as well. This way if they see that you are in solidarity with them, it will be easier for them to share your articles. In this social media business it is important that today exists for you, tomorrow for me.

⚡Estrategia 2 Be supportive: Publish more of the others

It is even more important that you share what others have to say more, because if you publish more of your own content, you will tire and saturate your followers. You will create a bounce or rejection effect on your items. Study on which days your followers are most receptive, and post your entries at those times.

⚡Estrategia 3 Use the Video Format (It’s the Immediate Future)

The videos are more viral and also easier for the user to follow. We are in one of the most vague generations of the last few years, it is very difficult for us to read an article. But if we see the same article in an interesting and didactic video, it entertains us, and calls us much more.

Why do you think the Youtubers are so successful?

You have to keep in mind that Youtube belongs to Google. If you upload the videos on this platform they will be easier to position. There is also the Vimeo platform that allows you to upload and play videos at better quality, with the consideration that you will not be able to implement them in WordPress or position them in Google.

⚡Estrategia 4 Don’t be Heavy / Publish according to the RRSS you use

Study in which RRSS your Posts work best for you. You have several tools for this (Google Analytics, Audiense, Twitter Analytics).

Once you know where your traffic is coming from, study the times and days you are going to publish. It is not the same to post 5 times a day on Twitter as 5 times a day on Facebook. Timelines are not the same (they don’t work the same way), and users don’t demand the same thing on one Social Network as on another.

⚡Estrategia 5 Respond to your Community ALWAYS

An”Influencer” is not only one that has many followers, but one that, in addition to having a great impact in a sector for its Community, interacts with it whenever it is demanded of it.

If you just tweet and don’t answer the questions of your users, if it lasts in time, the followers will get tired of you. And they’ll either stop following you, or they won’t interact with you anymore. People love to be listened to, and if they don’t listen to us, it’s very likely that we won’t go back to that person.

⚡Estrategia 6 Generates discussion and interaction

How do I do this?

For some time now there have been formulas in the RRSS for your community to interact with you. For example, you can create surveys that invite people to answer questions related to Content Marketing strategies or Social Media Plans. You can strategize and plan questions with your Tweets to get their feedback, or you can even ask them to name you in their articles so you can share their content later. This way they will feel like they are participating in your Account.

⚡Estrategia 7 Create Your Own Identity Sign

Create something that sets you apart from the rest. It may be a logo, a photo, a tattoo, a hat, a pair of glasses, a clothing brand, but wear something distinctive in the photos you share that will draw people’s attention. This way it will be easier for him to differentiate you from the others. In the world of Social Media there is a lot of competition, but in my opinion it is a market very saturated with the same thing, and when someone offers them something a little different, the community is grateful and gives you a certain value that others do not have.

⚡Estrategia 8 Advertise at the beginning in Ads

On Twitter and Facebook, for some time now, with a little investment you can reach a lot of people. So this advertising service can help you to promote yourself and reach people you would not otherwise be able to reach.

Study who you want, and where you want to go, and create campaigns for less than 5 Euros that give you exposure.

⚡Estrategia 9 Define Your Target and Valuable Content Well

Before you start sharing content on the Blog and in RRSS, make sure that what you’re going to share interests people. Look at the competition, their shared entries, their tweets, their website. Study if you want to share the same theme and improve it, or change the content to another more interesting one.

Define who you are going to address (age, sex, social class, studies, cities, countries, etc.). Once you’re clear about all this, you need to start generating valuable content for them.

⚡Estrategia 10 Use images that make you more eye-catching

In my opinion, you have to be original. Create your own image bank that will set you apart from the rest. Let them be beautiful and break with the monotony of the theme you choose.

There are professionals who recommend looking at other people’s images, but I always recommend being different. If you are a creative person it will always be a Plus in your favor.


Content Marketing Strategies through Email Marketing

?Estrategia 1 Use text instead of images

The texts are usually more successful. This is because we are very lazy, and in the emails with images when we click”Show Images” we get lazy, and many of them remain unopened. The easier you make it for people, the better the results.

What can we do to make the mail more attractive?

So we can use the famous emoticons to make our Website Promotion E-mail more fun and eye-catching.

?Estrategia 2 Make a”Subject” with a hook

As in the previous section, it is becoming increasingly fashionable to use emojis in matters. This draws our attention and makes us give priority to these mailings. It’s psychological.

?Estrategia 3 Study which days of the week work best for you

Depending on the theme of your Page and your interests, it may be better for you on some days or other of the week. For example, if you have a night events company, it will be better to send them on the days around the weekend, if you have a local shop, which is open from Monday to Friday, you may be more interested in sending them on Mondays and Wednesdays.

?Estrategia 4 Use Mailrelay or MailChimp to Measure All

Sending Mail via Mailrelay or MailChimp allows you to analyze all the results of the mailings, such as: Who opened it, at what time, what parts of the mail interacted with, even the time they were with the open one. You can also configure your Blog so that people can subscribe directly from it and send them Emails automatically. Mailrelay is perfect for your mailing campaign.

?Estrategia 5 Don’t be Cansino

Don’t send the same mail constantly, a good Content Marketing plan needs new and fresh strategies. Try to make the emails work for the user. And above all, don’t send them every day, this can have a rebound effect and they may end up unsubscribing from the service.

?Estrategia 6 Don’t do the emails that you would never open

Try to be original and fun, being creative in this world will make the difference between tiring people or getting their attention. Use colors of the theme you want to be related to, put beautiful and striking images, use music or any other instrument that serves to captivate the user.

?Estrategia 7 Don’t be a Spamer (Customize)

Calling users by their names is one way to personalize an email. People love to be called by their names. It makes the reader feel important, it also has a basis studied by psychology.

?Estrategia 8 Allows the User to unsubscribe easily

It clearly indicates how the reader can unsubscribe from the service at any time. If not, you could fall into a rebound effect, creating a rejection of your unnecessary website. The user may like your Page, brand or service but simply no longer wants to receive emails. Some people find them too intrusive in their privacy.

?Estrategia 9 Be constant

Without being heavy as we indicated before.

Mark a few fixed days a month to send your emails, and be sure to keep track of them. There will be people who get used to getting the information these days, and if you fail them they may end up losing interest in you. Content Marketing strategies and plans have to last over time, it is not a matter of today for tomorrow.

?Estrategia 10 Mail that works best for you A/B

This tool is very important when segmenting your database. Performs A/B test with each shipment. It is very easy to do and it generates many benefits when it comes to messing with your target audience.


Content Marketing Strategies for Online Businesses

✨Estrategia 1 Use Google Analytics to measure EVERYTHING

The good thing about an online business is that you can measure everything in a very simple way and free tools. You can easily measure whether your Content Marketing Plan works the way you planned in your strategies.

With Google Analytics you will be able to study all your movements once you have the web up and running. This will give you an advantage over your competition, and you will also learn that it is more appealing to your community. It will allow you to make decisions based on data.

✨Estrategia 2 Build Customer Loyalty

It is easier for an already loyal customer to re-consume than to attract a new customer.

What does this mean?

That we will have to put all our attention in giving a good service to the consumer, in this way we make sure that he is happy and continues trusting in us in future purchases.

✨Estrategia 3 Don’t Make Crazy Bids

The offers are really good to get the public’s attention at any given time, but you can’t base our entire campaign on promotions. I’ve met a lot of companies that launch one every week, and those publications reach a lot of people, but really as soon as they stop making offers, people stop participating with the company. This does not generate EngagementCustomer-company.

✨Estrategia 4 The Customer is always right

We have to think that the best publicity we can have is what our client is going to say on the street about us.

And how do we make what he says a positive thing?

Being very clear that the customer is always right, and that we can always do something for him. This will keep the customer happy, and increase the chances that he will speak well.

✨Estrategia 5 Facilitates Returns, that generates Confidence

If you are sure that your product or service is of quality (…)

Why not give the possibility that the unsatisfied person can return it?

The person may have any inconvenience and want to change or replace what I buy. If you give him the possibility to do it in a free, fast and safe way, he will help the customer to buy again in the future.

✨Estrategia 6 Don’t cheat! Visible Shipping Costs

In case it is not profitable for you to assume the shipping costs, make it clear when the customer pays. Let us make it very clear to you what the price of the product and the shipping price are. This way you won’t get confused or make mistakes.

✨Estrategia 7 Billing is not Net Profit

Do your bills right at the end of each month to ensure benefits. Keep in mind that you have to subtract the expenses from what you invoice. There are companies that invoice a large amount of money, but at the end of the month the business is not profitable because expenses exceed income. Careful with that!

✨Estrategia 8 Create Special Editions or Exclusive Products

Customers like to have exclusive items that not everyone has. It gives the brand a certain prestige by creating limited models that are a little more expensive.

✨Estrategia 9 Focus on the Sales Funnel

First things first. And in an ECommerce the first thing to do is to sell. Therefore, it corrects the faults that have to do with the final customer. Once you have your Funnel fully optimized, start correcting any faults you see elsewhere. Prioritizing is a must so you don’t get overwhelmed!

✨Estrategia 10 Then take care of everything online

As I said in the previous section, once the Sales Funnel has been optimized, it goes on to correct the bugs in: The web architecture, the product pages and categories, filters and that long etcetera that we love so much.

Be clear about the strategy and the Content Marketing Plan so that everything fits together.


Content Marketing Strategies for Offline Marketing

?Estrategia 1 Go to Events related to your Sector

Outside the Digital World, there are countless events you can attend to get to know yourself. It is also important to get to know people who are influential in the sector in which you work. In this way you will be able to promote your Website and your work and will open up a range of possibilities to promote yourself to new people.

?Estrategia 2 Why don’t you even try being the Speaker yourself?

Start giving lectures to people, now the professional is you. You can start whenever you want, there are no limits, the limits are mental.

If at first you don’t see yourself able to speak in front of a large number of people, do it with friends or colleagues with whom you have confidence to practice. And once you’re ready, apply to these events and start sharing your knowledge with others.

?Estrategia 3 What if the Formation course is given by You?

When you have a certain prestige in Events, and people like your presentations, contact marketing agencies or schools, send them your CV and a video of your work. Although you may think that there are many Social Media professionals, there are also a large number of Marketing Schools and it is likely that some of them will require your services. YOUR knowledge is worth A LOT!

?Estrategia 4 Be in solidarity with your community…Help them!

Try to get people to trust you outside of HR, too.

What does this mean?

If your students or colleagues ask you their doubts, be kind and show solidarity with them. You never know when you’re going to need help!

?Estrategia 5 Get out of your comfort zone

Good things don’t come to bite you at the door. Be ambitious and think big. In an interview that I will leave you with later, Juan Merodio explains how the measures taken by large companies are also applicable to the growth of small and medium-sized companies. Think big, and implement Small!

?Estrategia 6 Advertise (Cards, Stickers, Caps, etc)

Promote yourself, make yourself known. If people get your brand, your logo, or your merchandising, it will be easier for them to come to you tomorrow for a Project.

How do you think the big brands started to stay in the minds of consumers?

Although it may seem like a Utopia, even the most prestigious companies started from the same point that you can start TODAY!

?Estrategia 7 Differentiate yourself from the rest in Real Life

Be different, creative and close.

For me these three points are essential for success. Although it may seem easy, the combination of the three is a very difficult task and requires daily involvement.

?Estrategia 8 Try to arrange In Person Appointments with Clients

When it comes to closing a business, it’s a good idea to meet people face-to-face. In some cases you can work from a distance, but it is recommended to have a close relationship with customers. This way your involvement in the project will be greater and the chances of success increase.

?Estrategia 9 Make Synergies with”Influencers” of your Sector

Today for you tomorrow for me works very well in Social Media. People are very willing to collaborate with you and to let you collaborate on their Blog. Therefore, take advantage of this to have connections and ties with people who are in a better position than you to make yourself known to their community. Remember also to help people who need your help, TOGETHER WE MORE!

?Estrategia 10 Attempts to reach the final decision maker

When publishing on pages or closing deals, always try to address the company’s decision maker. Talking to intermediaries can slow down your ultimate goal. Whether it’s writing an article on a website to make yourself known, or closing a business with a potential client.

#Professional Council 51

Content Marketing Strategies

And finally we come to the end of this Content Marketing Plan and its Strategies.

⛔ Strategy 51

If you’ve come this far, and you’ve got it all going, you can say you’re on the right track to make your business run as smoothly as possible. Not only online, but also offline. Now my last piece of advice is to work hard, to be clear about your short and long term goals and strive to achieve them. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t reach your short-term goals at first, they are the least representative and the most difficult to meet at the beginning. Be realistic and set goals that you can achieve, so you don’t get frustrated.

And if you end up higher than expected….

Cheer up!

You can only achieve what you set out to do, all you have to do is start creating strategies and a Content Marketing Plan. Step by step everything is possible, and remember…. Everything is mental, there are no limits!

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What is Big Data and how to learn it

Hacker. Flying high with my personal best. Marketing Specialist. Providing Social Media Content and Strategies in the Digital Marketing world.

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Marketing in Music: A Guide for Independent Artists!

Marketing in Music is the set of strategies that an independent artist can use to promote and promote his songs through the Internet.

To plan a music marketing plan there are several formulas. In recent years there has been a technological change and therefore a change in the music industry. You have to know how to adapt to people’s new consumption habits.

Music marketing is the way for an artist to achieve success. In order to achieve this, we must set objectives. This guide will give you an overview of these objectives. It’ll keep you from stalling on things that aren’t important. Almost all projects that fail are due to not having a good musical strategy, and you should know all these aspects that I will teach you in this way 2017.

Table of Contents

What are the important points of this Music Marketing Guide?

1. The steps you will need to take to reach your target audience:

The environment that musicians need to know, before starting the strategy.

How to detect your direct competitors in music and see their music marketing strategy.

How to convert your music from good to excellent, without the need for a producer or agency.

How to achieve your objectives at low cost in music marketing.

How to seduce large agencies and companies to make the leap to mainstream thanks to music marketing.

Today we live in a globalized world, where anyone, in any country, can access your music through platforms like YouTube, Soundcloud, or iTunes etc. So if you are from any Spanish-speaking country, this guide will help you to promote your music and viralize your songs and content.

To be honest these techniques are not new. I didn’t invent the Bulb. I have adapted the most important points of Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing, and applied them to today’s music, and to what is demanded by Independent Artists, who have so many difficulties with music labels.

It will certainly not leave anyone indifferent, let’s go for it.

Phase 1. Define what’s around you:

The mistakes of many artists in 2017 are still leaving it up to the lucky factor to decide for themselves who will be their listeners or their target. When the most important thing to succeed in music is to clearly define the audience you are going to target. For example: People who like flamenco music probably don’t like trap music, so people who like pop may not like classical music. Focus on a group of people like your tastes, and try to popularize yourself there. It’ll be easier if you segment your listeners. This is also Marketing in Music!

Who’s going to be the people who listen to you?

1. Some Tips to viralize your songs and contents can be:

Keep in mind that people look at their phones more than 100 times a day, try to make at least one of those 100 times to listen to something of yours, your music.

YouTube is the social network that musicians like the most, as it is where you can get the most benefit, and where the user can get more involved in watching new artists and listening to their music.

Don’t think that in the 20th century you’re going to get rich selling CDs.

Your market is online. The old CD will become obsolete in a few years and will only be used by collectors. How it happened in the old days with vinyl.

Today your client is the person behind the computer, listen, through social networks, what they ask and what they demand.

Try to win people’s affection by provoking some kind of emotion in the listener.

Interacts with social networks to answer user questions and demands. Try to make them the first ambassadors and the ones who best speak about your music. If customers recommend you, it will be a thousand times better than anything you can say about yourself.

Get involved in your music! Believe in yourself! Have a good Music Marketing strategy! If you don’t believe what you’re saying and singing yourself, people who listen to you won’t believe it either. That’s why it’s important that the profile you show people is based on your own personality and not on an invented marketing product, but in the end the lie will come out somewhere.

  • Who will be your competition? Knowing this is essential when it comes to having a good Music Marketing Campaign:

Don’t think there are no competitors in music, because there will be. It is in your hands to know how to take advantage of it, thanks to Music Marketing, and make this a form of income, and to boost your career. A musical genre that takes advantage of this virtue (or weakness) is rap music and trap music, have been able to take their field to the competition, and most rappers make this a form of income. They manage to generate expectation, launching Beefs and provoking each other, which causes people to come to Youtube to watch their videos, thus making more money.

“I leave you an example of a collaboration between Cooking Soul and Reals B, so you can see an example, in which the Rapper refers to the little Support that rappers have for the music industry, and the importance of Youtube to excel.

2. In order to define well who your competence is, it is necessary to take into account all these factors:

Classify the style you have when singing, and look for groups that are similar or similar to the ones you have.

It is not only necessary that they identify with you musically, in the 21st century it is also very important the brands of clothes you wear and how you dress. Fashion and music today go hand in hand. Take care of the brands you use!

Look at the strategy used by your competitors, try to implement a similar one, enhancing your virtues. Make it visible to listeners on social networks, publishing your live shows, collaborating with a brand, and launching a promotion.

Listen to people’s criticisms, although your strategy does not have to be based on people’s opinions, it will be very important when making decisions.

As I repeat on my page, the key to success is to try to do something different from what other artists are doing, try to have some characteristic sound or word, that when people hear it, they know it’s you.

Phase 2. Define what your music will be like

In my opinion, this is the most important point of all; it is the one that will tell if you are going to succeed in the future or not. Without a good music product or project, no matter how good a music marketing strategy you make, it will be impossible to sell. Music marketing serves to enhance the virtues of your brand or music, but never to sell something you don’t like to the customer. If the listener doesn’t like it, you won’t be able to sell it, or what is the same, people won’t listen to it.

Make a star song that viralises on the web

The artist has to give free rein to his imagination, this is where it will be decided if you are a good artist, or if on the contrary you are one of the pile. Don’t stop until you get a rhythm and lyrics that people like and that viralize on the Net. You’re not gonna get famous without a theme that’s got a beat on it, and people associate it with you. This way you’ll stay in the listener’s head, at least for a while, every time they hear that song.

I’m not a musician, I can’t help you here, I don’t know how to compose a good song, but I suppose that artists like you know how to do this kind of thing. I’m in charge of music marketing and shaping your project.

However, I will give you some advice, which I use when it comes to being creative in music marketing campaigns.

1. They make you have a relaxed mind, and know which direction to go:

Absorb information from people who know more than you do, i.e. try to relate to musicians and listen to their advice. Those musicians were in the same situation as you, and they knew how to deal with all the problems and opportunities (depending on how you look at it) that you have right now.

The mental state of the musician is almost the most important thing when composing. Whether you’re emotionally or emotionally he’ll make scribes one way or another. Try to detect what mood your music is best in. There are artists who in their moments of solitude and sadness compose really wonderful songs, while other artists when they are happy or in love compose true works of art.

You have to compose from your passion. When a person does something from passion, their creativity increases by 200%.

Try to collaborate with other artists who already have a presence on the Internet, this will make people who listen to these artists interested in you. You’d be surprised how many artists collaborate with people willingly. You have to lose the fear of sending emails and asking for favors, he doesn’t have it anymore. Only good things can happen.

Don’t move on to the next point, without having a good theme you’re proud of, go step by step, don’t climb stairs two by two.

I have a song that works on the Net. What’s next?

Find a Good Producer

Today there are, in my opinion, better producers than artists, which means that it is relatively easy to transform a good song into an excellent one with the help of the right producer. It is relatively easy to find them, as there are many young people on the scene who want to thrive and make their place on the scene through Music Marketing.

Look for a video you like on Youtube, and look at the producer of this, they are usually in the credits or in the Bio. It will be relatively easy for you to get in touch with him via the RRSS, his email or his website. Send him an e-mail, propose your project, and wait for his answer. It could be the beginning of something very interesting for both of us.

2. To find a good producer, you will have to look at the characteristics of this one. The main qualities that a good producer has to have are:

Has a musical taste similar to yours. An expert in HipHip will not be able to capture the essence of an Indie well, or vice versa.

To be disruptive, and to break with what is at that moment in the scene, to be different is to be 10 steps ahead of the others.

Try to integrate it into your project. In this way he will become a part of it, and of your successes, and will give his best. Give him better conditions than he expects, this way you’ll keep him motivated.

“I also leave you the twitter of the producer of the previous Video, so you can see how easy it is nowadays to contact quality producers through the RRSS. Itchy&Buco Sounds produce most of Reals B’s tracks with as good a quality as if they came out of a company like Sony Music or Universal… AND they ARE INDEPENDENT! In this case it’s Rap Music, but on the Net you can find Producers specialized in all kinds of music.”

Record a Video with High Emotional Content

Try to awaken in the consumer some kind of emotion, this in addition to taking them to see more of your content, thus making them loyal to you, you will get them to repeat the plays, so it will increase the views of your videos.

Today, making a good video does not depend so much on the amount of money you spend, but on the creativity of the person who directs and produces it. That’s why it’s so important to surround yourself with people who know what they’re doing and who have a lot of good ideas.

What does a Video based on a marketing strategy in music have to have in order to succeed?

3. A Video for it to succeed must meet these requirements:

Tell us something. Let it have its beginning, its plot and its outcome.

To provoke some kind of emotion in the person who is visualizing the content.

The first 15 seconds of the Video will decide whether or not the person will continue to see it. Try to engage the viewer by creating intense, high emotional and valuable content.

4. Upload it to Youtube, this will be your label during your musical career:

In music marketing, it is very important to know how indispensable it is for a YouTube artist. This will be the tool with which you will make yourself known at practically no cost.

Don’t expect to hear in the media that a producer knocked on your door and hired you, or start touring in concerts, without first having had many views on your YouTube videos. In addition, this platform can be a very important way to earn money, especially if you start to have more than 1,000,000 hits on your videos. Keep in mind that for every million visits you will get approximately 800 € of advertising. And although it may seem complicated to reach that number of plays, if you become relatively viral on this social network will be adding subscribers and views, so as you upload future videos, thanks to your community will be easier to have playback.

Phase 3. The RRSS of Music Marketing. Advertising without Costs

At this stage I will explain to independent artists that they don’t have a lot of money to promote themselves in the big media, how to do it through social networks, Internet search engines, and some news media where they can make themselves known with little investment. To have a good Marketing in Music it is important that before making the leap to the big media you become viral in some of the social networks that young and not so young people use now.

How to generate engagement in RRSS?

For this it is important to create a community in your social networks. To get a community is not to buy followers, but to try to attract those followers to your accounts through content marketing, as I said before. Marketing in Music is closely related to digital marketing or in its absence with marketing in general.

1. What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing (Vilma Nuñez also has a very interesting article) is to publish content on social networks that will help your community in their daily lives, without asking for anything in return, and hoping that in the future they will come back to you to request some of the services you offer. Applied to music would be to share some added value in addition to the music you make, so you have to define very well what content you want people to relate you to. It can be from the fight against animal exploitation, promoting the city where you live, or climate change for example. It has to be something you’re really involved in or else the lie will be exposed soon.

How to generate interaction with my community?

In order for your community to interact with you, the first thing you need to do, taking into account the marketing in music, is to follow a social network strategy. Mark the same edit line and follow it on all your social networks. Try to create a story about yourself based on your real life. And share 25% of the content about this life you lead, and 80% of it that is valuable content (your music, your concerns, the people you work with, your collaborations).

Every social network has to be treated in a different way, it is not the same to post on Twitter as on the Facebook board, for example. You’ll always be able to post more on Twitter as the Timeline updates faster, while on Facebook people use it more as a leisure medium. They don’t want to see publicity. While in Instagram you will be able to share more visual content, in Twitter it should be more written content.

If you make your publications with a photo or video much better. If you notice the whole world of communication is moving in the direction of the video, we are becoming more and more lazy and reading less and less. So try to make your content very visual and of digital interest, people will appreciate it and increase your engagement.

Publishes on Mondays and Wednesdays, people are more statistically predisposed to interact with your publications.

Interact with your audience, share what they demand, and above all listen to them. Your community is your ambassador, without them an artist is nothing. Give them what they deserve.

Innovate and do something different in your online strategy

Music marketing is all about having good ideas and creating something original that sets you apart from the rest and connects with your audience. Get together one day with the people you work with, and brainstorm. Try to make their actions viralise and create an impact on people this way you will be more viral and reach more people.

Use Periscope, Instagram Direct, or Facebook live to connect with your live audience, it’s a relatively new feature that the general public loves. They feel close to the artist, and the community appreciates it.

Phase 4. Web Design (Landing Page)

It is very important for Music Marketing that a group has a website open to the public, where they can sell their products, such as their Music CDs in physical format, their merchandising clothes, or their concert tickets. If you notice all the music groups that work have a website where they receive thousands of thousands of visits from their audience.

It will also be a place where you can upload your live shows, and your collaborations. It will be your virtual window to the public, nowadays 80% of the sales that an artist has on records, clothes, or tickets are produced on the net, it would be an absurdity to be on the sidelines of this logical evolution of music, the marketing of music after all is done on the Internet.

There are many ways to create a Landing Page. If you are very lost in this aspect I recommend you to contact me in the CONTACT tab. There I will be able to send you a personalized WordPress guide where I will explain the points you need to emphasize. If on the other hand you want to create a website from scratch I can also help you. For a good Music Marketing you need a website.

How to structure your Landin Page:

Make the name of the group or the artist clear.

The second most important thing is the name of the project you are launching at the moment, think of an original and place it on the cover of your Landing Page.

Make a brief description about the project and the music that people will find on the LP. Try not to make it longer than three or four lines.

Record a Social-Media video influence. Imagine a kind of video curriculum and try to do the same by explaining the reason for your record.

Let it be an attractive montage that calls the followers of your social networks to enter your Landing Page. Remember that this will be the way to monetize all those communities you have online. It is important to capture them and filter them to this page.

It’s also the time to put on your website the press or television recommendations made by the media.

Create a space where your fans can express their opinion about your music.

Place an icon space on the footer or in the header that redirects to your social networks, it is a way to connect all your communities on the web.

Phase 5. The Big Media

We are the last essential pillar of your Music Marketing plan.

Keep in mind that the road is going to be long but as I said before if you put passion into it it will be one of the most wonderful projects of your life.

The last of the pillars is the media. Once you have all the above tips done, the next and final step is that the big media is looking at you. Your profits will increase by over 500%. Because television, radio and the big media invest a lot of money in promoting powerful brands through artists.

Perhaps this is the most difficult pillar to reach because you have to have a lot of influence in the street and society. To date, your videos should have more than 10,000,000,000 views, which is practically unattainable in Spain.

In addition, there are several factors that must be taken into account in order for large companies to invest such amounts of money in an independent artist. Some of the factors are, having commercial music, a physical attraction, some characteristic feature of your physique or having many contacts in the production companies.

To conclude, I would like to make a call to all the independent artists and musicians to encourage them and tell them that it is possible. If you manage to bring your music to a successful conclusion, following the keys of Music Marketing, and fulfilling all the above points you will succeed.


Conclusion of Markerting in Music

If you have any contributions, comments or experiences you would like to share, please leave them in the Comments. I will be happy to answer you and help you in any way I can. Remember the importance of Music Marketing, without it today you will not get far, no matter how good artists you are.

I also leave you the Tweet if you want to share it with your community faster. Thank you very much for reading me and see you in the next Posts.

Marketing in Music: Guide for Independent Artists!5 (100%) 19 votesDani ColladaGrowth

Hacker. Flying high with my personal best. Marketing Specialist. Providing Social Media Content and Strategies in the Digital Marketing world.

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Updated Guide to Learning Big Data from scratch

This time I come to talk about Big Data analysis, I will try to explain it in a fun and enjoyable way, taking into account that data analysis is a very complicated, arid and technical subject. A very different subject from the one I talked about last week, which was related to Digital Marketing in MusicBut no less interesting!

Throughout the last era, we have been going through different information storage formats. From bits to bytes, from small data to medium data, and from magnetic tapes to MP3 and MP4 formats, for example.

How to Learn Big Data from Zero and What Big Data Analysis

Throughout the text I will detail what Big Data is and how to learn it from scratch.

We’ll also talk about analytics, artificial intelligence, and I’ll explain the dimensions and scope that this data analytics tool reaches.

Without a doubt, we are in the information age, and if companies know how to make a funnel analyzing all the data that are on the web, about users and potential customers, will exponentially increase their profits.

Table of Contents

What is Big Data and how to learn it from scratch?

There are many definitions for Big Data analysis, but they all come to say the same thing after all. In my opinion, one specific definition could be this.

All these data represent trends, political movements, or purchasing channels chosen by people, that is, whoever knows how to manage and interpret these data, will be many steps ahead of the competition that remains on the sidelines. Hence the importance that is being given in recent years to Learning Big Data.

Big Data Solutions Data Variables:

The variables of Big Data Solutions are many and I summarize them in this list of 5 factors:


As for the volume, there is nothing written about the minimum amount of data storage required to be Big Data, medium un Data, or small data. But what is true is that we are talking about amounts of data that cannot be stored on an ordinary computer. They usually need a lot of terabytes or even petabytes.


The data we work with in Big Data are mostly in real time, with speeds higher than one data per second. The more extreme side can be seen in stock markets such as the New York Stock Exchange or Madrid. Where transactions take less than a nano second.


There are several forms of data storage, or also called database. These tables are used to organize and segment the extracted data. Examples of these tables are: customer tables, order tables, or text and number tables.


As in the case of statistics, in order for the Big Data studies to be representative, it is necessary to choose real data that are in line with reality. This is where we have a problem. Normally, Big Data data collection is usually automatic, so you will need to adjust the collection schedule so that it is a clear projection of the reality.


The real value of Big Data is to know how to convert all the extracted data into real information through the analysis. The data itself is just data. This is essential for companies as it is the differential factor.

The Main Applications of Analytics:

Big Data Analysis is useful for so many fields that many times our mind cannot even imagine them.

Throughout this section we will explore some of the most important ones for Learning Big Data from Zero:

Sales and Marketing

Nowadays, thanks to Big Data data analysis, we find that prices vary depending on the items we want to buy. Referral systems that increasingly know their own customers better and customise their offers to suit individual consumer tastes.

Marketing and sales

Previously, customer information was managed through long spreadsheets, but today’s vision is more holistic. Merges the information from the data generated by the communication channels and those that stand out the most in social networks.

The 2 applications of marketing analytics are:

  • On the web with real-time advertising auctions.
  • And the physical world thanks to some devices called beacons located in different spaces.


All the data collected through Big Data analysis is the basis of the optimization of operations and business processes that will allow you to optimize the stage of production processes.

Customer Experience

The customer’s experience in the analysis is playing one of the most important roles. Now we understand beyond the individual purchase, it is not the same to see a customer making an individual purchase of 100 €, as it is to have the customer’s previous statistics indicating that this person will generate an estimated purchase projection of 20,000 € in 15 years.

Financial risk

Nowadays, companies have many more factors to rely on when granting or not granting a bank loan. Although a priori it may only seem like a benefit for financial institutions, if we analyze it more thoroughly, we will realize that it will allow the people of the street, in the future, to know whether or not they will be able to face the loan they are applying for.

Safety and security

Analytics are also used to predict and analyze possible crime by geographic area, or to profile the timing of suspicious activity on the Internet, such as drug sales, or any other possible crime on the Internet.


Thanks to technologies such as bracelets, or other meters, it is easier to get our physical health, and that of people with various diseases, right.

It has also been shown to be helpful for early diagnosis and for monitoring degenerative diseases.

These analyses have systems for the collection, transformation and aggregation of patient data. They are sent to hospitals, clinics and clinics almost immediately. This improves medical decision making, as well as the speed of reaction to possible incidents.

The Big Data Visualization Success Stories:

That’s right, enough with the theory. These are some of the most notable success stories of large and medium-sized enterprises.


Amazon has been one of the first companies to understand the importance of data analysis. It has an enormous amount of data collected through its website, one of the most important websites for buying and selling in the world. They contain data on browsing habits, shopping interests or even patterns of behavior.

One of the most interesting cases in amazon is the implementation of a small robotic vehicle that they use to lift the shelves and get closer to the people who are preparing packages, thus reducing the work time and optimizing the transit processes to reduce the packing times.

Press and Reporters

Thanks to the Internet and data analysis, so-called”Open Data” has emerged. This makes it possible to access the news that is happening around the world in real time. Today, if a catastrophe like 9/11 were to happen, there would be a reporter who would be broadcasting in real time what is happening. That’s why this Post about Learning Big Data from Zero is so important for new journalists and reporters.

This, in addition to improving information, is essential in order to act as quickly as possible in the event of disasters of this calibre.

Today, many of the videos we see in the newspapers are not recorded by professional reporters, but by people on the street. What does this mean?

That we are in the Information Age, anyone with a 2.0 device can report on whatever they want in real time. Now you are closer to having the knowledge required after reading how to Learn Big Data from Zero

What have we learned?

Finally, and taking into account the difficulty of all the concepts that comprise the Big Data. I will not delay any longer and outline the key concepts:

I will summarize the 5 most common mistakes we make when talking about this analysis:

Here is a small summary of the most common mistakes we often make when thinking of Big Data.

Thinking Big Data Analysis is just Data

We believe that Big Data only means that we have more data, and therefore know more about the customer. But the truth is that the volume of data, as I explained earlier, is only part of one of the dimensions, which means that this is only a partial view of what it means. This point is very important when it comes to understanding and learning the Big Data from scratch.

Big Data really is a paradigm shift. In addition to the volume and speed, the coordinates, and especially the type of data we handle, enter it.

Traditional databases are sufficient for Big Data Analysis

The truth is that we tend to think that the databases collected years ago are useful for us to analyze variables of today. But the truth is that data and trends change so rapidly that these data are unlikely to be representative of reality.

Big Data Analytics allows us to predict the Future

It is true that Big Data analytics tries to predict the future, but not a single future. There are multiple possibilities, so that the analytical generates many scenarios of certain situations that may or may not occur, this means that it is not an objective science, but tries to cover all subjective possibilities, and choose the best option.

Although it is for my taste the best tool to make decisions. It is not a crystal ball that has a 100% success rate, so you have to take into account that it has a small error rate.

Artificial intelligence is not Big Data.

The truth is that artificial intelligence is made up of trillions of data that come from analyses like Big Data (Learning Big Data from Zero). This is why, in some ways, artificial intelligence applications without Big Data would not have enough information to learn how to do all the processes in which they are immersed today.

Artificial intelligence is a matter of the future

Today we are being able to invent an increasingly virtual reality. The truth is that it is scary…. and in my opinion we must be very aware of where we can and cannot go. There are tasks performed by man, which must continue to be performed by man. That is to say, these technological advances must serve to make people’s lives easier, but never replace them.

The 5 keys that we must not forget to learn the Bid Data Analysis from Zero:

To make it clear that we have learned in this short article, I will detail the most important keys of Big Data Solutions.

Go step by step

To be clear that to create a database and then analyze it is better to go step by step. The data collected over the years are more representative in the long term than those collected in the short term. Don’t try to go faster than you can, and when it comes to analyzing, put yourself in the hands of professional analysts.

Distribute Big Data Data

Store the data in a way that makes it easy for you to retrieve it and know where it is. Many slow computers can be faster than the single most powerful computer on the market.

The Art of Asking

For a good Big Data strategy it is important to know the questions we want to answer. So that the analyst can then predict the data that will be given in the future.

The questions will have to allow us to understand what happens, why it happens, and what will happen in the future.

Keeping Artificial Intelligence in mind

The revolution of artificial intelligence will have a lot of weight in the labor market in the years to come.

Automation of the World

This world is on its way to becoming automated. It is in our hands to do so consciously and with the future in our hands. Artificial intelligence is reaching domains beyond logic or physics. There is time to develop themes and automate jobs. What is clear is that the world of the future is getting closer and closer. That’s why it’s so important to learn Big Data from scratch now that we’re on time.


Well, we have reached the end of the article“How to Learn Big Data from Zero”.

I hope it has at least given you an overview of what Big Data means and how important it is today in today’s business and global marketplace.

I will end with my conclusion about Big Data analysis and how to learn it from scratch:

I hope you liked this article on how to learn Big Data from scratch, and now you are closer to knowing how to explain its meaning when you have a few bars with your friends.

Hacker. Flying high with my personal best. Marketing Specialist. Providing Social Media Content and Strategies in the Digital Marketing world.

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Social Media Marketing as a New”Social Group”

time I come to talk to you about Social Media Marketing as a Social Group.

It is clear that in recent years everything that has had to do with Digital Marketing has generated great interest in both young and old people.

Table of Contents

Many of my colleagues say that a kind of bubble is being created and that at some point this bubble will burst. I don’t know if there really is a bubble around the sector, but what I do believe is that people’s interest is growing more and more.

I honestly think, that this can only bring benefits to people working around this world.

The more expectation is created for people who write on blogs, upload videos to YouTube, or give talks at universities or business schools, the better for professionals as they will be better paid and have more offers.

I’ve heard people say, and criticize, that there are smoke-sellers who only get on the boat because they see that it’s easy money…. But in my opinion, I think that’s also good for the sector, since it somehow feeds back the whole movement that’s being created around digital marketing, and it doesn’t let those who are already references get comfortable, because they run the risk of new people coming and liking it more.

Social Media Marketing: Competition is Good

In music, for example, new artists are constantly coming out, and people are looking to do different things, and I don’t see any one musician criticizing another because he does the same thing.

If you are interested in the topic of MusicMarketing I leave you the link of my last article.

In this sector of digital marketing there are a lot of wealthy people and people who come here wanting to do new things, as in all sectors. Besides, I don’t know when a person goes from being passionate about social media to being an expert or influencer of that subject…

What do I mean by this?

That if a person is able to talk about an issue, who is anyone to say or not to say, whether or not that person is selling smoke is selling smoke.

As Victor Kupper says in TEDx, many times, attitude is more important than knowledge or training (which are also important, of course). I encourage you to take life with the positive attitude that you can get where you want and be what you want. Don’t let anyone tell you what you are, or you stop being. Set yourself a goal and strive to get there no matter what others say about you.

Don’t you think?

Let everyone do what makes them happy.

After this introduction, where I give a bit of my opinion on how the Social Media Marketing sector is doing. Now I will explain to you what a Social Group is, and more specifically, the one that is being created around the subject of Digital Marketing.

Returning to my previous article on Music Marketing, I liken it to the cultural movements that are seen in some genres, such as rap a few years ago, or Trap today.

Characteristics of Social Media Marketing

Understanding as a social group a group of people with the same tastes, who play the same social role within society, Social Media Marketing meets each of the necessary requirements to be named a Social Group to use. The most important points within this new group of people who are united by the same interests and shared tastes are the following:

Similar Characteristics

All people who like Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing have similar characteristics and themes.

Both in their Blogs and in the talks they give at Universities and Marketing Schools. The relationships between people in the sector usually start with interests related to Social Media Marketing.

There Is A Hierarchy

As in all groups of this society, there is a social structure, that is, at the base of the pyramid are people who seek to learn and train themselves about Social Media Marketing.

A little above or in the middle of the pyramid are the micro Influencers which have a slightly more transcendent influence on the lower base of the pyramid.

Finally, at the top of the pyramid, are the people who set trends in the world of digital marketing and Social Media. At the top of the pyramid, only innovative people arrive, who dare to do different things, and are not a clone of the other clone. These people are often recognized in the media, communication and news of the Social Media Marketing Sector.

Each Person Fulfills a Role

As I said before, depending on the position that people occupy within the social group, they fulfill the function of Social Media Marketing students, Teachers, Influencers, media media, etc.

The truth is that within the Social Media Marketing Group, the rise within the pyramid can be relatively short, or relatively long, depending on people’s efforts to rise (attitude) and form themselves.

Inter-Pyramidal relationships exist

For this social group to endure, inter-pyramidal relationships are necessary.

This means that there needs to be feedback among the people who belong to the different segments of the pyramid. We live in a social and sociable world, where we love to have the people we admire and see ourselves reflected in, respond to us and share their experiences. In social media marketing it happens just like in other areas of life, if there is no interaction people lose interest.

There is a Joint Vocabulary

As in all social groups in social media marketing there are unwritten rules governing the behaviour of all people in the sector.

There are times when these rules are taken to limits, when my opinion is not beneficial. For example, people who believe in the duty of telling others that they are smoke sellers for talking about what they like on their blog.

It is also curious to see how popular are some of the words that influential people in the sector use in their blogs. It is as if a certain word is becoming fashionable every X months and all the people in this group will talk about it over the next few months.

Then the word goes out of style and soon a new one is discovered. An example of these words can be linkbuilding, engagement, Community Manager, social media, Influencer, Blogger and so on…

Members have a Common Interest

The common interest is of course”Digital Marketing”. I want to believe that for the people at the top of the pyramid, like those in the middle, it is about teaching people, sharing and connecting.

Obviously you have to live on something, so people who share their knowledge with other members of the social group, so that they can learn and move vertically up the pyramid, have to charge money, nobody gives hard to four pesetas.

There are several purposes within the Group

Social media marketing has not only one purpose, but several.

Depending on the role they play within the social group, the objectives will be different. For example, a teacher’s purpose is that his students learn and manage to ascend within the pyramid. On the other hand, a specialist in digital marketing who is hired by a company, his task will be for that company to increase its sales within its sector.

How long will the Social Media Marketing sector last?

As I have been talking about throughout this post, many of my colleagues believe that we are in a bubble. It is possible that we are in a bubble that is currently booming, and that in the not too distant future people’s interest in digital marketing or Social Media will decrease. But the truth is that 15 or 20 years ago there was already digital marketing. What happened then?

That technology has advanced, and what was”digital” 10 years ago is now”obsolete”. So probably in 20 years time what we call digital marketing today will be another facet of obsolete marketing.

My conclusion is more towards a transformation, which was a puncture of this social media bubble.

Conclusion on Social Media Marketing

So as not to delay me much longer, I will say that if you belong to this great group, Social Media Marketing, don’t just focus on climbing the social pyramid. As I said in previous posts, what you enjoy the most is not the arrival at the top of the pyramid but the route itself. Try to create friendships, share content that you like, and never, ever, ever, ever tell anyone if what you do is sell smoke or not sell smoke (….)

“The ignorant criticize because they think they know everything,

Meanwhile, the sage respects because he acknowledges

who can always learn something new.”

Hacker. Flying high with my personal best. Marketing Specialist. Providing Social Media Content and Strategies in the Digital Marketing world.

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How to sell your Freelance Services and NOT die trying

I came to talk to you about how to sell your freelance services and not die trying. It is true that in the last few years, before the crisis began, it became very fashionable to say that people worked as freelancers, that is, on their own. Whether it’s doing web sites, graphic design, SEO auditing, or any other type of service that serves to enhance any point of a company or organization.

I think that this term has become too generalised, and that we really no longer know how to differentiate between a freelance service, a freelancer, or any job that involves performing a service for a company.

Therefore, throughout this post I will detail what it means to be a freelancer, and give you at least 6 keys that will help you sell your freelance services on the web and offline. So that people know the work you do and you don’t faint in the attempt.


A freelancer (pronounced”frílans”) is a person who works independently, performing jobs as a self-employed person, and thus allowing him to develop in his professional sector, generating enough money to be able to live from his own work. People who are freelancers do not have fixed work schedules, but adapt to the needs of the clients they work with, with the aim of improving their income and those of the client. The Freelance Services are established contractually, making it clear how much time they will spend on each client.

What is a freelance service?

A freelancer or a person who performs freelance services, even if Wikipedia says otherwise, is a self-employed person. It provides services for third parties, whether they are companies or other freelancers, and they normally charge a fee based on the results depending on the hours that this takes them.

I also have to say that I believe that freelancers are more oriented to creative work. To open a debate, I’m asking you.

Are these freelance services performed by a person hired to unblock the pipes in your home? for me no, but I have read in many post on the internet that a freelancer is any type of person you hire on a temporary basis to perform a certain service for you and without the two parties entering into an obligation or an employment relationship that goes beyond that service that you just did.

What do you guys think?

After opening a little debate with the previous question, I’m going to explain the six keys that have helped me to sell my freelance services, and start generating my first income in less than 3 months.

More than giving advice, I will tell you my personal experience, the things I have done that have helped me to see results in a short period of time.

6 Tips for Making Money Selling Freelance Services

Here are the 6 main tips I have followed to start making money online. The truth is that we often think it is impossible to make money from home as a freelancer, but it is relatively simple.

Create a Blog

The freelance world is closely linked to Social Media and Digital Marketing.

And in Aula CM they taught me that if you want to be something in the online world it’s mandatory, or almost mandatory to have a blog.

Why a Blog?

People who want to hire you will come to see your services on the Internet. That is why it is essential to have an online support where you can write about the topics that interest you and believe that your customers can help them. Generate valuable content and get your web traffic in. After all, it will be your window to the world.

Share Your Own Professional Content

Don’t be a clone, another clone, another clone, another clone…

We all have a personal brand, something that makes us different from everyone else, and that’s what your content has to reflect. Try to bring something to the people who read you. Don’t sell them directly, but write something that you think your audience can use in their daily lives. This is essential if you want to sell your Freelance Services.

This way, even if you think it’s not directly benefiting you, you’re keeping the mind of the consumer, or your readers, in a way that if in the future they need any service that you can provide, they won’t hesitate to come to you, as I said in my last article of“51 Strategies for your Content Marketing“…:

Get subscribers to your website

This is the most important point when it comes to getting customers for your freelance services. It is essential that you create a community of people around your website and your blog. These subscribers are people who come to you, not customers you have to go and get them. They are people who are interested and interested in your subject matter, so you have a very high conversion rate.

The other side of the coin is that many times getting these subscribers is no easy task. You have to provide them with a benefit to leave you their data and allow you to send them your newsletters periodically. But I’m going to give you some tools that work for me to provide them with the benefit of leaving you their data.

After all, Digital Marketing, Social Media and the Freelance world is an exchange of goods between people. The main tools I use to get subscribers are:

This 100% Spanish tool, besides giving you free SEO analysis of your website, gives you the possibility to offer them to your potential clients through “Lead Capture Banners”, giving your users who subscribe to your Blog, a Personalized and Premium SEO report as a thank you for having left you their data.

I have the Premium account, although before I used the Free account to analyze my Web and my Twitter, when they took out the new Lead Capture tool I was upgraded to the Premium account, I gained a lot of subscribers and I think the ROI was positive. Of all the tools I use on a daily basis, MetricSpot is among them. I wouldn’t recommend it if I didn’t really think it was good.

If you want to do me a favor and you are thinking of signing up for the Premium account I leave you my Affiliate link, you know…. You have to fill the fridge.


This tool, very famous in the Social Media sector, is one of the most used to create free Newsletters. It also allows you to insert banners to attract subscribers that easily link to your website.

The problem I see with respect to the previous one, is that by itself, it does not allow you to offer the subscriber anything when it comes to providing contact information, so many times, the reader does not get any benefit, read the article and leave without leaving the mail.

But here’s the best part: MailChimp supports many lead capture tools. Like, for example, MetricSpot or Sumome.

Other Tools:


This tool is similar to MetricSpot, which is different from the previous one, which offers you the possibility of giving the client a Premium SEO Report, this tool only leaves you the option of offering a Guide or E-Book that you have made, in the call to action.

Conclusion: If you have time to make Guides or Ebooks, that’s fine, but all Bloggers know that what we don’t have left over many times is precisely that… Time!


This tool is the same as Sumome’s, it does an SEO report of your website in a simple and fast way. The problem with it is that it is a basic tool, which, compared to the others mentioned above, in my opinion falls a little short. It also does not allow you to capture leads through banners, not analyze Twitter accounts.

Promote on Social Networks

Make yourself seen by the world through the Internet. And the best way to achieve this and reach your audience today is through Social Networks. Take care of your personal brand and publish your Blog works on the Net. Before you start creating an audience, define very clearly the target you want to focus on. It has to be people with your tastes and affinities, as you will get a higher conversion rate. A graphic designer does not like the same things as a magazine editor, for example.

Little by little if you do original things you will see how people start to share your work and spread your content. Companies will start contacting you asking for your services.

The speed of this process depends on the hours you spend on it. Go for it! You’re almost done with the clues on How to sell your freelance services.

Do Networking

Once you have an audience, and you are getting jobs related to your sector, it is very important that you get in touch with people in your work environment. To do this, you can attend fairs or talks where other freelancers can share their experiences and knowledge.

Events like this, besides enriching you professionally, are a good place to establish human and commercial relationships. This way, if a person in the future needs some freelance service that you offer, you have a better chance that another professional will recommend you. The more people you know about your sector, the better.


Finding a job and selling your services as a freelancer is often complicated, but all these tips have helped me get companies to contact me for jobs. And all in less than 3 months!

The truth is that it has taken me a long time that I have had to scratch from my weekends, and it also requires effort and perseverance when it comes to publishing and taking care of your personal brand, but you can speed up the process if you want to. When you do something you like, it’s really much more enjoyable to work.


  • Charges per hour worked.
  • You’re independent. You set your own schedule and you don’t have to put up with bosses.
  • You can work from home.
  • If you are a good professional you have a better chance of making money.
  • By working on what you like, you acquire skills faster.


  • When you’re paid per hour worked, you don’t get paid if you don’t work. That’s why it’s important to comply with the key points of this Post.
  • You are responsible for your own expenses. These costs must be taken into account when concluding a freelance contract with a company.
  • The hustle and bustle of having to find work and move around to make ends meet, many times until you make yourself known, can be hard.
  • Job and future uncertainty. The biggest risk is that your work can be cut at any time. A bad recommendation from a company you worked with, or any other factor can alter your salary, so it is important to have a mattress saved, in case you have any inconvenience of this kind.

Finally, to take into account that freelance work is not for everyone, self-employment is a big change for people who are used to the comfort of business and a fixed salary.

But I certainly recommend that people be encouraged to break down the barrier of entrepreneurship, as it may be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make in your working life.

Plan and motivate yourself. Being able to be independent and capable of putting your personal skills into practice can be financially and personally rewarding.

And this is coming to an end, people, we won’t see you in the next Post. Don’t forget to comment if you like me or to leave any opinion, you know that we all contribute.

Hacker. Flying high with my personal best. Marketing Specialist. Providing Social Media Content and Strategies in the Digital Marketing world.

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