Marketing in Music: A Guide for Independent Artists!

Marketing in Music is the set of strategies that an independent artist can use to promote and promote his songs through the Internet.

To plan a music marketing plan there are several formulas. In recent years there has been a technological change and therefore a change in the music industry. You have to know how to adapt to people’s new consumption habits.

Music marketing is the way for an artist to achieve success. In order to achieve this, we must set objectives. This guide will give you an overview of these objectives. It’ll keep you from stalling on things that aren’t important. Almost all projects that fail are due to not having a good musical strategy, and you should know all these aspects that I will teach you in this way 2017.

Table of Contents

What are the important points of this Music Marketing Guide?

1. The steps you will need to take to reach your target audience:

The environment that musicians need to know, before starting the strategy.

How to detect your direct competitors in music and see their music marketing strategy.

How to convert your music from good to excellent, without the need for a producer or agency.

How to achieve your objectives at low cost in music marketing.

How to seduce large agencies and companies to make the leap to mainstream thanks to music marketing.

Today we live in a globalized world, where anyone, in any country, can access your music through platforms like YouTube, Soundcloud, or iTunes etc. So if you are from any Spanish-speaking country, this guide will help you to promote your music and viralize your songs and content.

To be honest these techniques are not new. I didn’t invent the Bulb. I have adapted the most important points of Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing, and applied them to today’s music, and to what is demanded by Independent Artists, who have so many difficulties with music labels.

It will certainly not leave anyone indifferent, let’s go for it.

Phase 1. Define what’s around you:

The mistakes of many artists in 2017 are still leaving it up to the lucky factor to decide for themselves who will be their listeners or their target. When the most important thing to succeed in music is to clearly define the audience you are going to target. For example: People who like flamenco music probably don’t like trap music, so people who like pop may not like classical music. Focus on a group of people like your tastes, and try to popularize yourself there. It’ll be easier if you segment your listeners. This is also Marketing in Music!

Who’s going to be the people who listen to you?

1. Some Tips to viralize your songs and contents can be:

Keep in mind that people look at their phones more than 100 times a day, try to make at least one of those 100 times to listen to something of yours, your music.

YouTube is the social network that musicians like the most, as it is where you can get the most benefit, and where the user can get more involved in watching new artists and listening to their music.

Don’t think that in the 20th century you’re going to get rich selling CDs.

Your market is online. The old CD will become obsolete in a few years and will only be used by collectors. How it happened in the old days with vinyl.

Today your client is the person behind the computer, listen, through social networks, what they ask and what they demand.

Try to win people’s affection by provoking some kind of emotion in the listener.

Interacts with social networks to answer user questions and demands. Try to make them the first ambassadors and the ones who best speak about your music. If customers recommend you, it will be a thousand times better than anything you can say about yourself.

Get involved in your music! Believe in yourself! Have a good Music Marketing strategy! If you don’t believe what you’re saying and singing yourself, people who listen to you won’t believe it either. That’s why it’s important that the profile you show people is based on your own personality and not on an invented marketing product, but in the end the lie will come out somewhere.

  • Who will be your competition? Knowing this is essential when it comes to having a good Music Marketing Campaign:

Don’t think there are no competitors in music, because there will be. It is in your hands to know how to take advantage of it, thanks to Music Marketing, and make this a form of income, and to boost your career. A musical genre that takes advantage of this virtue (or weakness) is rap music and trap music, have been able to take their field to the competition, and most rappers make this a form of income. They manage to generate expectation, launching Beefs and provoking each other, which causes people to come to Youtube to watch their videos, thus making more money.

“I leave you an example of a collaboration between Cooking Soul and Reals B, so you can see an example, in which the Rapper refers to the little Support that rappers have for the music industry, and the importance of Youtube to excel.

2. In order to define well who your competence is, it is necessary to take into account all these factors:

Classify the style you have when singing, and look for groups that are similar or similar to the ones you have.

It is not only necessary that they identify with you musically, in the 21st century it is also very important the brands of clothes you wear and how you dress. Fashion and music today go hand in hand. Take care of the brands you use!

Look at the strategy used by your competitors, try to implement a similar one, enhancing your virtues. Make it visible to listeners on social networks, publishing your live shows, collaborating with a brand, and launching a promotion.

Listen to people’s criticisms, although your strategy does not have to be based on people’s opinions, it will be very important when making decisions.

As I repeat on my page, the key to success is to try to do something different from what other artists are doing, try to have some characteristic sound or word, that when people hear it, they know it’s you.

Phase 2. Define what your music will be like

In my opinion, this is the most important point of all; it is the one that will tell if you are going to succeed in the future or not. Without a good music product or project, no matter how good a music marketing strategy you make, it will be impossible to sell. Music marketing serves to enhance the virtues of your brand or music, but never to sell something you don’t like to the customer. If the listener doesn’t like it, you won’t be able to sell it, or what is the same, people won’t listen to it.

Make a star song that viralises on the web

The artist has to give free rein to his imagination, this is where it will be decided if you are a good artist, or if on the contrary you are one of the pile. Don’t stop until you get a rhythm and lyrics that people like and that viralize on the Net. You’re not gonna get famous without a theme that’s got a beat on it, and people associate it with you. This way you’ll stay in the listener’s head, at least for a while, every time they hear that song.

I’m not a musician, I can’t help you here, I don’t know how to compose a good song, but I suppose that artists like you know how to do this kind of thing. I’m in charge of music marketing and shaping your project.

However, I will give you some advice, which I use when it comes to being creative in music marketing campaigns.

1. They make you have a relaxed mind, and know which direction to go:

Absorb information from people who know more than you do, i.e. try to relate to musicians and listen to their advice. Those musicians were in the same situation as you, and they knew how to deal with all the problems and opportunities (depending on how you look at it) that you have right now.

The mental state of the musician is almost the most important thing when composing. Whether you’re emotionally or emotionally he’ll make scribes one way or another. Try to detect what mood your music is best in. There are artists who in their moments of solitude and sadness compose really wonderful songs, while other artists when they are happy or in love compose true works of art.

You have to compose from your passion. When a person does something from passion, their creativity increases by 200%.

Try to collaborate with other artists who already have a presence on the Internet, this will make people who listen to these artists interested in you. You’d be surprised how many artists collaborate with people willingly. You have to lose the fear of sending emails and asking for favors, he doesn’t have it anymore. Only good things can happen.

Don’t move on to the next point, without having a good theme you’re proud of, go step by step, don’t climb stairs two by two.

I have a song that works on the Net. What’s next?

Find a Good Producer

Today there are, in my opinion, better producers than artists, which means that it is relatively easy to transform a good song into an excellent one with the help of the right producer. It is relatively easy to find them, as there are many young people on the scene who want to thrive and make their place on the scene through Music Marketing.

Look for a video you like on Youtube, and look at the producer of this, they are usually in the credits or in the Bio. It will be relatively easy for you to get in touch with him via the RRSS, his email or his website. Send him an e-mail, propose your project, and wait for his answer. It could be the beginning of something very interesting for both of us.

2. To find a good producer, you will have to look at the characteristics of this one. The main qualities that a good producer has to have are:

Has a musical taste similar to yours. An expert in HipHip will not be able to capture the essence of an Indie well, or vice versa.

To be disruptive, and to break with what is at that moment in the scene, to be different is to be 10 steps ahead of the others.

Try to integrate it into your project. In this way he will become a part of it, and of your successes, and will give his best. Give him better conditions than he expects, this way you’ll keep him motivated.

“I also leave you the twitter of the producer of the previous Video, so you can see how easy it is nowadays to contact quality producers through the RRSS. Itchy&Buco Sounds produce most of Reals B’s tracks with as good a quality as if they came out of a company like Sony Music or Universal… AND they ARE INDEPENDENT! In this case it’s Rap Music, but on the Net you can find Producers specialized in all kinds of music.”

Record a Video with High Emotional Content

Try to awaken in the consumer some kind of emotion, this in addition to taking them to see more of your content, thus making them loyal to you, you will get them to repeat the plays, so it will increase the views of your videos.

Today, making a good video does not depend so much on the amount of money you spend, but on the creativity of the person who directs and produces it. That’s why it’s so important to surround yourself with people who know what they’re doing and who have a lot of good ideas.

What does a Video based on a marketing strategy in music have to have in order to succeed?

3. A Video for it to succeed must meet these requirements:

Tell us something. Let it have its beginning, its plot and its outcome.

To provoke some kind of emotion in the person who is visualizing the content.

The first 15 seconds of the Video will decide whether or not the person will continue to see it. Try to engage the viewer by creating intense, high emotional and valuable content.

4. Upload it to Youtube, this will be your label during your musical career:

In music marketing, it is very important to know how indispensable it is for a YouTube artist. This will be the tool with which you will make yourself known at practically no cost.

Don’t expect to hear in the media that a producer knocked on your door and hired you, or start touring in concerts, without first having had many views on your YouTube videos. In addition, this platform can be a very important way to earn money, especially if you start to have more than 1,000,000 hits on your videos. Keep in mind that for every million visits you will get approximately 800 € of advertising. And although it may seem complicated to reach that number of plays, if you become relatively viral on this social network will be adding subscribers and views, so as you upload future videos, thanks to your community will be easier to have playback.

Phase 3. The RRSS of Music Marketing. Advertising without Costs

At this stage I will explain to independent artists that they don’t have a lot of money to promote themselves in the big media, how to do it through social networks, Internet search engines, and some news media where they can make themselves known with little investment. To have a good Marketing in Music it is important that before making the leap to the big media you become viral in some of the social networks that young and not so young people use now.

How to generate engagement in RRSS?

For this it is important to create a community in your social networks. To get a community is not to buy followers, but to try to attract those followers to your accounts through content marketing, as I said before. Marketing in Music is closely related to digital marketing or in its absence with marketing in general.

1. What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing (Vilma Nuñez also has a very interesting article) is to publish content on social networks that will help your community in their daily lives, without asking for anything in return, and hoping that in the future they will come back to you to request some of the services you offer. Applied to music would be to share some added value in addition to the music you make, so you have to define very well what content you want people to relate you to. It can be from the fight against animal exploitation, promoting the city where you live, or climate change for example. It has to be something you’re really involved in or else the lie will be exposed soon.

How to generate interaction with my community?

In order for your community to interact with you, the first thing you need to do, taking into account the marketing in music, is to follow a social network strategy. Mark the same edit line and follow it on all your social networks. Try to create a story about yourself based on your real life. And share 25% of the content about this life you lead, and 80% of it that is valuable content (your music, your concerns, the people you work with, your collaborations).

Every social network has to be treated in a different way, it is not the same to post on Twitter as on the Facebook board, for example. You’ll always be able to post more on Twitter as the Timeline updates faster, while on Facebook people use it more as a leisure medium. They don’t want to see publicity. While in Instagram you will be able to share more visual content, in Twitter it should be more written content.

If you make your publications with a photo or video much better. If you notice the whole world of communication is moving in the direction of the video, we are becoming more and more lazy and reading less and less. So try to make your content very visual and of digital interest, people will appreciate it and increase your engagement.

Publishes on Mondays and Wednesdays, people are more statistically predisposed to interact with your publications.

Interact with your audience, share what they demand, and above all listen to them. Your community is your ambassador, without them an artist is nothing. Give them what they deserve.

Innovate and do something different in your online strategy

Music marketing is all about having good ideas and creating something original that sets you apart from the rest and connects with your audience. Get together one day with the people you work with, and brainstorm. Try to make their actions viralise and create an impact on people this way you will be more viral and reach more people.

Use Periscope, Instagram Direct, or Facebook live to connect with your live audience, it’s a relatively new feature that the general public loves. They feel close to the artist, and the community appreciates it.

Phase 4. Web Design (Landing Page)

It is very important for Music Marketing that a group has a website open to the public, where they can sell their products, such as their Music CDs in physical format, their merchandising clothes, or their concert tickets. If you notice all the music groups that work have a website where they receive thousands of thousands of visits from their audience.

It will also be a place where you can upload your live shows, and your collaborations. It will be your virtual window to the public, nowadays 80% of the sales that an artist has on records, clothes, or tickets are produced on the net, it would be an absurdity to be on the sidelines of this logical evolution of music, the marketing of music after all is done on the Internet.

There are many ways to create a Landing Page. If you are very lost in this aspect I recommend you to contact me in the CONTACT tab. There I will be able to send you a personalized WordPress guide where I will explain the points you need to emphasize. If on the other hand you want to create a website from scratch I can also help you. For a good Music Marketing you need a website.

How to structure your Landin Page:

Make the name of the group or the artist clear.

The second most important thing is the name of the project you are launching at the moment, think of an original and place it on the cover of your Landing Page.

Make a brief description about the project and the music that people will find on the LP. Try not to make it longer than three or four lines.

Record a Social-Media video influence. Imagine a kind of video curriculum and try to do the same by explaining the reason for your record.

Let it be an attractive montage that calls the followers of your social networks to enter your Landing Page. Remember that this will be the way to monetize all those communities you have online. It is important to capture them and filter them to this page.

It’s also the time to put on your website the press or television recommendations made by the media.

Create a space where your fans can express their opinion about your music.

Place an icon space on the footer or in the header that redirects to your social networks, it is a way to connect all your communities on the web.

Phase 5. The Big Media

We are the last essential pillar of your Music Marketing plan.

Keep in mind that the road is going to be long but as I said before if you put passion into it it will be one of the most wonderful projects of your life.

The last of the pillars is the media. Once you have all the above tips done, the next and final step is that the big media is looking at you. Your profits will increase by over 500%. Because television, radio and the big media invest a lot of money in promoting powerful brands through artists.

Perhaps this is the most difficult pillar to reach because you have to have a lot of influence in the street and society. To date, your videos should have more than 10,000,000,000 views, which is practically unattainable in Spain.

In addition, there are several factors that must be taken into account in order for large companies to invest such amounts of money in an independent artist. Some of the factors are, having commercial music, a physical attraction, some characteristic feature of your physique or having many contacts in the production companies.

To conclude, I would like to make a call to all the independent artists and musicians to encourage them and tell them that it is possible. If you manage to bring your music to a successful conclusion, following the keys of Music Marketing, and fulfilling all the above points you will succeed.


Conclusion of Markerting in Music

If you have any contributions, comments or experiences you would like to share, please leave them in the Comments. I will be happy to answer you and help you in any way I can. Remember the importance of Music Marketing, without it today you will not get far, no matter how good artists you are.

I also leave you the Tweet if you want to share it with your community faster. Thank you very much for reading me and see you in the next Posts.

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