51 Strategies Content Marketing?

Maybe if you’re starting in”World 3.0″ you’re wondering….

What is Content Marketing?

The common definition of Content Marketing is a technique that consists of analysing and trying to understand what our target audience wants or needs, in order to offer it to them in a relevant and, above all, more attractive way.

Well, in my opinion, Content Marketing and its Strategies is a revolutionary way of understanding the concept of Marketing.

From the University I had been told again that Conventional Marketing was the one in charge of satisfying the needs of the consumer. But that, even if the user didn’t know it, those needs were already there…

I don’t know about you, but to me, this definition often seemed very confusing, subjective.

Every time I thought about it, the thought of deceiving the customer always fluttered in my head. I couldn’t find that balance between the salesman’s profit and the customer’s profit, at least not from a marketing point of view.

Well, a few years later I got to know Content Marketing and its Strategies.

He made me understand that there is an alternative way for the client to come to you voluntarily.

Without creating any need for him.

No deception.

He comes to you because in the past you helped him in an altruistic way. And now… He needs your services.

And this, my friend, is Content Marketing.

It is nothing more than creating Plans with valuable content, relevant and useful strategies. To help your potential customers with the objective that in the future, if they need a service or product that you offer, they will call you.

The day I met Content and Strategy Marketing, I realized that it was the most sincere way to make Marketing Plans. The way I was looking for in college. The way in which the Client’s Benefit and the Company’s Benefit were fed back.

51 Content Marketing Strategies Plan

Well, after introducing you to Content Marketing, its Strategies, and its reciprocal benefits, now I bring you 51 indispensable points to create your own Plan.

Divided into 5 sections, you can apply them to both your Personal Brand and a company you are working for.

Why am I doing this?

So that you can put into practice everything I learned at the University, as well as in the CM Classroom, in a faster and more efficient way. This way you can decide if the path you want to follow is the same as mine or not. It will not be an easy road, it will require effort on your part, but the satisfaction of a job well done in the end, besides giving its fruits, is worth it.


10 SEO-based Content Marketing Strategies

☀Estrategia 1 Set a goal and Open a Blog on your Page

It is important that your website has a blog in order to be able to successfully carry out Content Marketing strategies. You will be able to write articles that will help people in any subject related to the Page. This way you will get a higher diffusion in the RRSS and position higher in the search engines.

Set some objectives defined in time, this way it will be easier for you to measure your results in the Marketing Plan, once the period is over.

☀Estrategia 2 Try Positioning your articles on Google

What can I do to Position faster and better?

Use and distribute the “Keywords” in the articles. Use images that are not heavy to speed up the page (Optimize them on the tinypng page). Enter the keywords in the “Alternative Text” of each image. Write titles that are interesting and appealing to the user (Using Guides or Enumerations works very well). Make meta-descriptions with keywords and possibly questions that invite you to read on.

☀Estrategia 3 Create your own eye-catching computer graphics

Create your own Tips or Tips images related to the Posts you write and then upload them to Pinterest or Instagram. Computer graphics are always more viral than texts and will make you reach more people. Remember to put the name of your website on the computer graphics you make. This way, every time someone shares your content, they will be promoting your site.

☀Estrategia 4 Look at your Direct Competition

If you don’t know what to write about in your Blog to generate relevant Content (Content Marketing Strategy), you can always take ideas from the competition.

Look at the people you think are doing well. Look at their ideas, keywords, articles, etc and try to make similar themes but improving the content. This way the user will always choose you, since you give them more complete and updated information.

☀Estrategia 5 Produces long articles (More than 2,500 words)

When positioning is very important the time the user spends on your page or article. Google understands that the longer you stay on it, the better content you contribute. The way to make sure that people stay in it for a long time is to create long and interesting entries, because if the content is good it will make people read it to them until the end, thus ensuring a longer stay time.

☀Estrategia 6 Participate in other Blogs as Guest

Getting started with your blog at first can be a pretty complicated task. It will give you the feeling of writing for no one, because if you don’t promote your Publications well, no one will read them.

How can I fix this?

You can collaborate in blogs of people who already have a large number of visits per month and are of a similar theme to yours. Name an entry on your website in the article to make yourself known. This way you will redirect the people who enter your partner’s blog to your own.

☀Estrategia 7 Have your own Image Bank

Be original and do not copy or take images from Google. Everybody gets them out of there and they look very unprofessional. There are pages where you can download snapshots of almost any subject with great resolution and 99% of people do not know. For example: (Pablo by Buffer, Unsplash, Pixabay).

☀Estrategia 8 Performs Linkbuilding in RRSS

Try to get other people to share your HR content. This way they will be taking away the promotional work from you, and giving more exposure and visibility to followers who are not yours at the moment, but maybe if they are in the future if they like the article.

☀Estrategia 9 Build a Community that Supports You

It is very important to some extent to have followers on Social Networks who read your Posts. Thanks to their visits will depend, in large part, on whether your articles rank better or worse on Google. Also, through their visits, will be the way you can monetize the site, thanks to advertising by”Affiliates” or”Adsense”.

☀Estrategia 10 Substitute Quality for Quantity

It is better to write long articles twice a month with interesting content for people who are going to read to you than to publish twice a week Posts that nobody reads to you.


10 Strategies of Action in Social Networks

⚡Estrategia 1 Don’t Publish ONLY Your Content

You need to share valuable content from your professional colleagues as well. This way if they see that you are in solidarity with them, it will be easier for them to share your articles. In this social media business it is important that today exists for you, tomorrow for me.

⚡Estrategia 2 Be supportive: Publish more of the others

It is even more important that you share what others have to say more, because if you publish more of your own content, you will tire and saturate your followers. You will create a bounce or rejection effect on your items. Study on which days your followers are most receptive, and post your entries at those times.

⚡Estrategia 3 Use the Video Format (It’s the Immediate Future)

The videos are more viral and also easier for the user to follow. We are in one of the most vague generations of the last few years, it is very difficult for us to read an article. But if we see the same article in an interesting and didactic video, it entertains us, and calls us much more.

Why do you think the Youtubers are so successful?

You have to keep in mind that Youtube belongs to Google. If you upload the videos on this platform they will be easier to position. There is also the Vimeo platform that allows you to upload and play videos at better quality, with the consideration that you will not be able to implement them in WordPress or position them in Google.

⚡Estrategia 4 Don’t be Heavy / Publish according to the RRSS you use

Study in which RRSS your Posts work best for you. You have several tools for this (Google Analytics, Audiense, Twitter Analytics).

Once you know where your traffic is coming from, study the times and days you are going to publish. It is not the same to post 5 times a day on Twitter as 5 times a day on Facebook. Timelines are not the same (they don’t work the same way), and users don’t demand the same thing on one Social Network as on another.

⚡Estrategia 5 Respond to your Community ALWAYS

An”Influencer” is not only one that has many followers, but one that, in addition to having a great impact in a sector for its Community, interacts with it whenever it is demanded of it.

If you just tweet and don’t answer the questions of your users, if it lasts in time, the followers will get tired of you. And they’ll either stop following you, or they won’t interact with you anymore. People love to be listened to, and if they don’t listen to us, it’s very likely that we won’t go back to that person.

⚡Estrategia 6 Generates discussion and interaction

How do I do this?

For some time now there have been formulas in the RRSS for your community to interact with you. For example, you can create surveys that invite people to answer questions related to Content Marketing strategies or Social Media Plans. You can strategize and plan questions with your Tweets to get their feedback, or you can even ask them to name you in their articles so you can share their content later. This way they will feel like they are participating in your Account.

⚡Estrategia 7 Create Your Own Identity Sign

Create something that sets you apart from the rest. It may be a logo, a photo, a tattoo, a hat, a pair of glasses, a clothing brand, but wear something distinctive in the photos you share that will draw people’s attention. This way it will be easier for him to differentiate you from the others. In the world of Social Media there is a lot of competition, but in my opinion it is a market very saturated with the same thing, and when someone offers them something a little different, the community is grateful and gives you a certain value that others do not have.

⚡Estrategia 8 Advertise at the beginning in Ads

On Twitter and Facebook, for some time now, with a little investment you can reach a lot of people. So this advertising service can help you to promote yourself and reach people you would not otherwise be able to reach.

Study who you want, and where you want to go, and create campaigns for less than 5 Euros that give you exposure.

⚡Estrategia 9 Define Your Target and Valuable Content Well

Before you start sharing content on the Blog and in RRSS, make sure that what you’re going to share interests people. Look at the competition, their shared entries, their tweets, their website. Study if you want to share the same theme and improve it, or change the content to another more interesting one.

Define who you are going to address (age, sex, social class, studies, cities, countries, etc.). Once you’re clear about all this, you need to start generating valuable content for them.

⚡Estrategia 10 Use images that make you more eye-catching

In my opinion, you have to be original. Create your own image bank that will set you apart from the rest. Let them be beautiful and break with the monotony of the theme you choose.

There are professionals who recommend looking at other people’s images, but I always recommend being different. If you are a creative person it will always be a Plus in your favor.


Content Marketing Strategies through Email Marketing

?Estrategia 1 Use text instead of images

The texts are usually more successful. This is because we are very lazy, and in the emails with images when we click”Show Images” we get lazy, and many of them remain unopened. The easier you make it for people, the better the results.

What can we do to make the mail more attractive?

So we can use the famous emoticons to make our Website Promotion E-mail more fun and eye-catching.

?Estrategia 2 Make a”Subject” with a hook

As in the previous section, it is becoming increasingly fashionable to use emojis in matters. This draws our attention and makes us give priority to these mailings. It’s psychological.

?Estrategia 3 Study which days of the week work best for you

Depending on the theme of your Page and your interests, it may be better for you on some days or other of the week. For example, if you have a night events company, it will be better to send them on the days around the weekend, if you have a local shop, which is open from Monday to Friday, you may be more interested in sending them on Mondays and Wednesdays.

?Estrategia 4 Use Mailrelay or MailChimp to Measure All

Sending Mail via Mailrelay or MailChimp allows you to analyze all the results of the mailings, such as: Who opened it, at what time, what parts of the mail interacted with, even the time they were with the open one. You can also configure your Blog so that people can subscribe directly from it and send them Emails automatically. Mailrelay is perfect for your mailing campaign.

?Estrategia 5 Don’t be Cansino

Don’t send the same mail constantly, a good Content Marketing plan needs new and fresh strategies. Try to make the emails work for the user. And above all, don’t send them every day, this can have a rebound effect and they may end up unsubscribing from the service.

?Estrategia 6 Don’t do the emails that you would never open

Try to be original and fun, being creative in this world will make the difference between tiring people or getting their attention. Use colors of the theme you want to be related to, put beautiful and striking images, use music or any other instrument that serves to captivate the user.

?Estrategia 7 Don’t be a Spamer (Customize)

Calling users by their names is one way to personalize an email. People love to be called by their names. It makes the reader feel important, it also has a basis studied by psychology.

?Estrategia 8 Allows the User to unsubscribe easily

It clearly indicates how the reader can unsubscribe from the service at any time. If not, you could fall into a rebound effect, creating a rejection of your unnecessary website. The user may like your Page, brand or service but simply no longer wants to receive emails. Some people find them too intrusive in their privacy.

?Estrategia 9 Be constant

Without being heavy as we indicated before.

Mark a few fixed days a month to send your emails, and be sure to keep track of them. There will be people who get used to getting the information these days, and if you fail them they may end up losing interest in you. Content Marketing strategies and plans have to last over time, it is not a matter of today for tomorrow.

?Estrategia 10 Mail that works best for you A/B

This tool is very important when segmenting your database. Performs A/B test with each shipment. It is very easy to do and it generates many benefits when it comes to messing with your target audience.


Content Marketing Strategies for Online Businesses

✨Estrategia 1 Use Google Analytics to measure EVERYTHING

The good thing about an online business is that you can measure everything in a very simple way and free tools. You can easily measure whether your Content Marketing Plan works the way you planned in your strategies.

With Google Analytics you will be able to study all your movements once you have the web up and running. This will give you an advantage over your competition, and you will also learn that it is more appealing to your community. It will allow you to make decisions based on data.

✨Estrategia 2 Build Customer Loyalty

It is easier for an already loyal customer to re-consume than to attract a new customer.

What does this mean?

That we will have to put all our attention in giving a good service to the consumer, in this way we make sure that he is happy and continues trusting in us in future purchases.

✨Estrategia 3 Don’t Make Crazy Bids

The offers are really good to get the public’s attention at any given time, but you can’t base our entire campaign on promotions. I’ve met a lot of companies that launch one every week, and those publications reach a lot of people, but really as soon as they stop making offers, people stop participating with the company. This does not generate EngagementCustomer-company.

✨Estrategia 4 The Customer is always right

We have to think that the best publicity we can have is what our client is going to say on the street about us.

And how do we make what he says a positive thing?

Being very clear that the customer is always right, and that we can always do something for him. This will keep the customer happy, and increase the chances that he will speak well.

✨Estrategia 5 Facilitates Returns, that generates Confidence

If you are sure that your product or service is of quality (…)

Why not give the possibility that the unsatisfied person can return it?

The person may have any inconvenience and want to change or replace what I buy. If you give him the possibility to do it in a free, fast and safe way, he will help the customer to buy again in the future.

✨Estrategia 6 Don’t cheat! Visible Shipping Costs

In case it is not profitable for you to assume the shipping costs, make it clear when the customer pays. Let us make it very clear to you what the price of the product and the shipping price are. This way you won’t get confused or make mistakes.

✨Estrategia 7 Billing is not Net Profit

Do your bills right at the end of each month to ensure benefits. Keep in mind that you have to subtract the expenses from what you invoice. There are companies that invoice a large amount of money, but at the end of the month the business is not profitable because expenses exceed income. Careful with that!

✨Estrategia 8 Create Special Editions or Exclusive Products

Customers like to have exclusive items that not everyone has. It gives the brand a certain prestige by creating limited models that are a little more expensive.

✨Estrategia 9 Focus on the Sales Funnel

First things first. And in an ECommerce the first thing to do is to sell. Therefore, it corrects the faults that have to do with the final customer. Once you have your Funnel fully optimized, start correcting any faults you see elsewhere. Prioritizing is a must so you don’t get overwhelmed!

✨Estrategia 10 Then take care of everything online

As I said in the previous section, once the Sales Funnel has been optimized, it goes on to correct the bugs in: The web architecture, the product pages and categories, filters and that long etcetera that we love so much.

Be clear about the strategy and the Content Marketing Plan so that everything fits together.


Content Marketing Strategies for Offline Marketing

?Estrategia 1 Go to Events related to your Sector

Outside the Digital World, there are countless events you can attend to get to know yourself. It is also important to get to know people who are influential in the sector in which you work. In this way you will be able to promote your Website and your work and will open up a range of possibilities to promote yourself to new people.

?Estrategia 2 Why don’t you even try being the Speaker yourself?

Start giving lectures to people, now the professional is you. You can start whenever you want, there are no limits, the limits are mental.

If at first you don’t see yourself able to speak in front of a large number of people, do it with friends or colleagues with whom you have confidence to practice. And once you’re ready, apply to these events and start sharing your knowledge with others.

?Estrategia 3 What if the Formation course is given by You?

When you have a certain prestige in Events, and people like your presentations, contact marketing agencies or schools, send them your CV and a video of your work. Although you may think that there are many Social Media professionals, there are also a large number of Marketing Schools and it is likely that some of them will require your services. YOUR knowledge is worth A LOT!

?Estrategia 4 Be in solidarity with your community…Help them!

Try to get people to trust you outside of HR, too.

What does this mean?

If your students or colleagues ask you their doubts, be kind and show solidarity with them. You never know when you’re going to need help!

?Estrategia 5 Get out of your comfort zone

Good things don’t come to bite you at the door. Be ambitious and think big. In an interview that I will leave you with later, Juan Merodio explains how the measures taken by large companies are also applicable to the growth of small and medium-sized companies. Think big, and implement Small!

?Estrategia 6 Advertise (Cards, Stickers, Caps, etc)

Promote yourself, make yourself known. If people get your brand, your logo, or your merchandising, it will be easier for them to come to you tomorrow for a Project.

How do you think the big brands started to stay in the minds of consumers?

Although it may seem like a Utopia, even the most prestigious companies started from the same point that you can start TODAY!

?Estrategia 7 Differentiate yourself from the rest in Real Life

Be different, creative and close.

For me these three points are essential for success. Although it may seem easy, the combination of the three is a very difficult task and requires daily involvement.

?Estrategia 8 Try to arrange In Person Appointments with Clients

When it comes to closing a business, it’s a good idea to meet people face-to-face. In some cases you can work from a distance, but it is recommended to have a close relationship with customers. This way your involvement in the project will be greater and the chances of success increase.

?Estrategia 9 Make Synergies with”Influencers” of your Sector

Today for you tomorrow for me works very well in Social Media. People are very willing to collaborate with you and to let you collaborate on their Blog. Therefore, take advantage of this to have connections and ties with people who are in a better position than you to make yourself known to their community. Remember also to help people who need your help, TOGETHER WE MORE!

?Estrategia 10 Attempts to reach the final decision maker

When publishing on pages or closing deals, always try to address the company’s decision maker. Talking to intermediaries can slow down your ultimate goal. Whether it’s writing an article on a website to make yourself known, or closing a business with a potential client.

#Professional Council 51

Content Marketing Strategies

And finally we come to the end of this Content Marketing Plan and its Strategies.

⛔ Strategy 51

If you’ve come this far, and you’ve got it all going, you can say you’re on the right track to make your business run as smoothly as possible. Not only online, but also offline. Now my last piece of advice is to work hard, to be clear about your short and long term goals and strive to achieve them. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t reach your short-term goals at first, they are the least representative and the most difficult to meet at the beginning. Be realistic and set goals that you can achieve, so you don’t get frustrated.

And if you end up higher than expected….

Cheer up!

You can only achieve what you set out to do, all you have to do is start creating strategies and a Content Marketing Plan. Step by step everything is possible, and remember…. Everything is mental, there are no limits!

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