Social Media Marketing as a New”Social Group”

time I come to talk to you about Social Media Marketing as a Social Group.

It is clear that in recent years everything that has had to do with Digital Marketing has generated great interest in both young and old people.

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Many of my colleagues say that a kind of bubble is being created and that at some point this bubble will burst. I don’t know if there really is a bubble around the sector, but what I do believe is that people’s interest is growing more and more.

I honestly think, that this can only bring benefits to people working around this world.

The more expectation is created for people who write on blogs, upload videos to YouTube, or give talks at universities or business schools, the better for professionals as they will be better paid and have more offers.

I’ve heard people say, and criticize, that there are smoke-sellers who only get on the boat because they see that it’s easy money…. But in my opinion, I think that’s also good for the sector, since it somehow feeds back the whole movement that’s being created around digital marketing, and it doesn’t let those who are already references get comfortable, because they run the risk of new people coming and liking it more.

Social Media Marketing: Competition is Good

In music, for example, new artists are constantly coming out, and people are looking to do different things, and I don’t see any one musician criticizing another because he does the same thing.

If you are interested in the topic of MusicMarketing I leave you the link of my last article.

In this sector of digital marketing there are a lot of wealthy people and people who come here wanting to do new things, as in all sectors. Besides, I don’t know when a person goes from being passionate about social media to being an expert or influencer of that subject…

What do I mean by this?

That if a person is able to talk about an issue, who is anyone to say or not to say, whether or not that person is selling smoke is selling smoke.

As Victor Kupper says in TEDx, many times, attitude is more important than knowledge or training (which are also important, of course). I encourage you to take life with the positive attitude that you can get where you want and be what you want. Don’t let anyone tell you what you are, or you stop being. Set yourself a goal and strive to get there no matter what others say about you.

Don’t you think?

Let everyone do what makes them happy.

After this introduction, where I give a bit of my opinion on how the Social Media Marketing sector is doing. Now I will explain to you what a Social Group is, and more specifically, the one that is being created around the subject of Digital Marketing.

Returning to my previous article on Music Marketing, I liken it to the cultural movements that are seen in some genres, such as rap a few years ago, or Trap today.

Characteristics of Social Media Marketing

Understanding as a social group a group of people with the same tastes, who play the same social role within society, Social Media Marketing meets each of the necessary requirements to be named a Social Group to use. The most important points within this new group of people who are united by the same interests and shared tastes are the following:

Similar Characteristics

All people who like Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing have similar characteristics and themes.

Both in their Blogs and in the talks they give at Universities and Marketing Schools. The relationships between people in the sector usually start with interests related to Social Media Marketing.

There Is A Hierarchy

As in all groups of this society, there is a social structure, that is, at the base of the pyramid are people who seek to learn and train themselves about Social Media Marketing.

A little above or in the middle of the pyramid are the micro Influencers which have a slightly more transcendent influence on the lower base of the pyramid.

Finally, at the top of the pyramid, are the people who set trends in the world of digital marketing and Social Media. At the top of the pyramid, only innovative people arrive, who dare to do different things, and are not a clone of the other clone. These people are often recognized in the media, communication and news of the Social Media Marketing Sector.

Each Person Fulfills a Role

As I said before, depending on the position that people occupy within the social group, they fulfill the function of Social Media Marketing students, Teachers, Influencers, media media, etc.

The truth is that within the Social Media Marketing Group, the rise within the pyramid can be relatively short, or relatively long, depending on people’s efforts to rise (attitude) and form themselves.

Inter-Pyramidal relationships exist

For this social group to endure, inter-pyramidal relationships are necessary.

This means that there needs to be feedback among the people who belong to the different segments of the pyramid. We live in a social and sociable world, where we love to have the people we admire and see ourselves reflected in, respond to us and share their experiences. In social media marketing it happens just like in other areas of life, if there is no interaction people lose interest.

There is a Joint Vocabulary

As in all social groups in social media marketing there are unwritten rules governing the behaviour of all people in the sector.

There are times when these rules are taken to limits, when my opinion is not beneficial. For example, people who believe in the duty of telling others that they are smoke sellers for talking about what they like on their blog.

It is also curious to see how popular are some of the words that influential people in the sector use in their blogs. It is as if a certain word is becoming fashionable every X months and all the people in this group will talk about it over the next few months.

Then the word goes out of style and soon a new one is discovered. An example of these words can be linkbuilding, engagement, Community Manager, social media, Influencer, Blogger and so on…

Members have a Common Interest

The common interest is of course”Digital Marketing”. I want to believe that for the people at the top of the pyramid, like those in the middle, it is about teaching people, sharing and connecting.

Obviously you have to live on something, so people who share their knowledge with other members of the social group, so that they can learn and move vertically up the pyramid, have to charge money, nobody gives hard to four pesetas.

There are several purposes within the Group

Social media marketing has not only one purpose, but several.

Depending on the role they play within the social group, the objectives will be different. For example, a teacher’s purpose is that his students learn and manage to ascend within the pyramid. On the other hand, a specialist in digital marketing who is hired by a company, his task will be for that company to increase its sales within its sector.

How long will the Social Media Marketing sector last?

As I have been talking about throughout this post, many of my colleagues believe that we are in a bubble. It is possible that we are in a bubble that is currently booming, and that in the not too distant future people’s interest in digital marketing or Social Media will decrease. But the truth is that 15 or 20 years ago there was already digital marketing. What happened then?

That technology has advanced, and what was”digital” 10 years ago is now”obsolete”. So probably in 20 years time what we call digital marketing today will be another facet of obsolete marketing.

My conclusion is more towards a transformation, which was a puncture of this social media bubble.

Conclusion on Social Media Marketing

So as not to delay me much longer, I will say that if you belong to this great group, Social Media Marketing, don’t just focus on climbing the social pyramid. As I said in previous posts, what you enjoy the most is not the arrival at the top of the pyramid but the route itself. Try to create friendships, share content that you like, and never, ever, ever, ever tell anyone if what you do is sell smoke or not sell smoke (….)

“The ignorant criticize because they think they know everything,

Meanwhile, the sage respects because he acknowledges

who can always learn something new.”

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